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What would you do??

What would you do if all herps were banned in you town or city?

Give them to me??

Sell them?

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keep em
home of the biggest toad in the GTA
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My Web Site!
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Let me be the only reasonale one - lol

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Take my city out of my profile, and keep quiet to people I dont trust.
1 adult bull snake: "Dozer"; 1.1 juvenile bull snakes: Oscar and Phoebe; 3 baby red-sided garters; 1.1 macklot's pythons
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It's so hard to just move. I'm in a position now where my boyfriend and I broke up and he was letting me keep my Australian Shepherd at his place. Welp, that's done with and my landlord won't let me keep my pup. It's either give her up or move by the end of September.... I'm heartbroken. She's everything to me.... I'm trying desperately to find another place but it takes money ---which I don't have.
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Take the dog and find another place, even if it's not as nice as the place you live in now. Dogs are the best and when you have a bond with them, it hurts them as well as you to be seperated. Its a poopy situatuation you're in right now though. I sympathize.
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I would definitely move. I'm thinking of moving anyway, just so I can have giant pythons and other large creatures.
- Ken LePage
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thanks, kurtis.
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I'd move if possible, however keeping quiet and not causing problems with neighbors (so they won't complain about anything), is my first choice.

"I'm Somebody's Fetish"
- Goth Quotes
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move. just like how i did when almost got kicked out of my old apt. in DT calgary for having my kitty get busted running out into the hallway! my turtles mean the world to me, and to tell you the truth, were kinda living with a secret.... im living in a place where i can't have em now........... even tho ive paid over 400 bucks for all my pets to be here, including my hamster! PLEASE DON'T TELL ON ME!!
The laws regarding reptiles are EXTREMLY discrimitory here in Calgary.
"The trouble with Mrs. Silver was that she gave all her love to somebody else, and that somebody was a small Tortoise named Alfie."-Esio Trot by Roald Dahl
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I'd definately move... when I was at a place in my life that I was financially able to... Until then I'd still keep my animals and pray that no one ever find out and take them away... =/

P.S. Dawnell - Sorry to hear about the B/U - I would keep the dog no matter what... I had to move because of my new pet, Sadie, and she's totally worth the heartache. I know it's hard but when it comes down to it, I'd personally, rather be living out of my car than give up any of my creatures. Perhaps you can find someone to stash her for you until you can make the move. Don't give up... everything always falls into place, and if you do give her up you'll always regret it.

Do what you can... send her to me if you have too!!! =)

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