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Old 08-22-04, 02:57 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Angry x box trouble

Ive asked everyone I can think of but no one can give me an answer, I was just reading bartmans post and It seems some of you know alot about x box so here goes. I just bought morrowind game of the year edition and im having problems with it, when I first put it in an select load game it takes about 20 minutes to load! and then when im finally in the game and try to talk to someone it takes about 5 min for the text to appear, and if i open a door 90 percent of the time it freezes and if it does let me through the door i have no sound. The guy at the store told me it might be a faulty disc so i traded it 3 times to no avail, i also went out and bought a cleaning disc with 4mm brush on it, nothing. My x box does not have a problem with any other game just morrowind. Can anybody give me some advice? Has anyone ever had this problem with a game? thx in advance
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Old 08-22-04, 03:03 PM   #2 (permalink)
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take it back, probably defective. I've run into it before with CD Rom games, not for xbox, but PC, ps2 etc. Never had problems with my xbox though...
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What hard drive for the xbox are you using.

I know a few people with the Thompsons hard drive that had problems connecting with certain servers on xbox live. they could only play a handful of games with the Thompsons drive. I'm one of the few people that have actually never had a problem with my Thompson's hard drive.

Are you capable of signing in on other games, if you are able to connect to other games without any problems it may just be the servers for that game and the way they communicate with your xbox or connection.

If you go to the forums on there are plenty of people that can throw suggestions out to you.
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...take it back and get a Playstation 2.... WOO-HOO!

Then buy the Jak 2 game. fun FUN. ...or Snowboarding is pretty cool and let's see.....the ATV awesome.

I only play in the Winter though when I can't get out. ; )
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I'm not sure what would be causing that problem with Morrowind, but it's possible that there could be issues with the games cache on the hard drive.

The Xbox creates three 768 meg files/partitions on the drive which are used to cache data copied from the DVD.

I've been having issues with Riddick on mine, but it could be memory problems as some games take exception to running on top of a custom dash.

I've never been able to get Unreal Championship working on my modded box, which is kinda funny

How long have you had your box for? Microsoft support can be very helpful about exchanging them if it's not very old. Heck, age may not even be an issue.

When I had a PS2 I had some serious troubles with GTA3. To the point that I tried 3 copies of the game to no avail. It was the only game I had trouble with, and it always kicked in on the second city. Nobody could figure out why, but the EB still bought it from me when I decided to get rid of it.
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Old 08-22-04, 10:10 PM   #6 (permalink)
Join Date: Apr-2004
Age: 33
Posts: 651
the x box is three years old, so i dont think they will do anything for me, drewlowe, its not x box live im having the problem with its just the game period. i dont know what kind of hard drive I have? lol i just bought it to play games
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