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Old 08-25-04, 03:44 PM   #46 (permalink)
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Hey Tim, I completely forgot about bad
1.0 Brazilian Rainbow Boa, 1.0 Mexican Black King Snake

A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Hamlet would be nice; To be, turn to page 73.
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Hey Steve, its kind of a inbetween the two. I guess its more horror orriented but its definitely in transition to comedy.
Army of Darkness is my personal favorite.
It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I just don't care.
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Old 08-25-04, 03:55 PM   #48 (permalink)
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Thanks, Im looking forward to watching it tonight or tomarrow.
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Evil Dead 2 is the continuation at the cabin of Evil Dead 1. It's even more hilarious. The trilogy of movies is actually supposed to be the events that take place over one weekend. LOL... maybe they should've made Army of Darkness a little closer, hard to imagine it all being the same event with Bruce Campbell aging a decade between movies
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Old 09-02-04, 07:08 AM   #50 (permalink)
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Night in Roxbury, waterboy, shrek1 & 2, american wedding, ace ventura "pet detective"
2.2 uro geyri 1.1 uro ornatus 0.1 uro macfadyeni 2.1 uro maliensis 0.1 poodle 1.0 chi-poo 0.1 norwiegan elkhund/border collie kakariki parakeet
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Old 09-02-04, 07:30 AM   #51 (permalink)
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Happy Gilmore
Tommy Boy
Old School (or Skool, I forget)
Big Daddy
Me, Myself and Irene

No particular order (except Happy Gilmore is #1)
1.1 Leopard Geckos
0.1 Rose Hair Tarantula
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Old 09-02-04, 11:57 AM   #52 (permalink)
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1) Me, Myself And Irene
2) The Big Lebowski
3) Mystery Science Theatre: The Movie
4) Monty Python And The Holy Grail
5) Orgasmo
Erin Keller :eb:
Snakes: 2.1 Corns, 1.1 Kings, 1.0 Everglades Rat, 1.1 Spotted Pythons, 1.2 Children's Pythons, 1.2 BCIs Lizards: 0.2 Leopard Geckos, 1.3 Bibron Geckos Inverts: 2.1 Tarantulas, 0.1 Emporer Scorpion Mammals: 0.2 Kittens
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Old 09-02-04, 12:09 PM   #53 (permalink)
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old skool ---is that the one where ?Ferrel shoots hmself in the neck with the tranquilizer gun? HILARIOUS!!
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Old 09-02-04, 01:09 PM   #54 (permalink)
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Hey treegirl, speaking of old, how old are you?
You left your walker on the parabus yesterday.


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Old 09-02-04, 02:58 PM   #55 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun-2004
Location: outside of the box
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bwah ha ha ha

sneaky son of a.....
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Old 09-04-04, 11:59 AM   #56 (permalink)
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Age: 35
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Im adding Harold and Kumar go to whitecastle to my list. I seen it last night and I never laughed so hard in a theatre before!
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