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Snakes? What snakes?!
The Herp Room

"The day I tried to live, I wallowed in the blood and mud with all the other pigs" - C. Cornell
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Hmmmmm squiggley crack cocaine
Common sense, the least common of all senses
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Originally posted by Katt
This is easy.

Snakes are a form of crack cocaine, that actually lives and moves. The high is delivered every time you look at one. It's a visual thing. Unfortunately, the mind is tricked by photos and simulates a pseudo-high when viewing pictures of snakes. That's why it's called "eye candy".

When handling snakes, the drug is delivered right into the blood stream. Crack-cocaine easily passes the blood-brain barrier. That is why you buy snakes that you handle at shows.

Lesson, do not handle snakes at shows or look at pictures. You must wean yourself off the drug. Going cold turkey, only makes you com back. See the many posts by those who have "left the hobby" so to speak only to come right back!
Haha, couldnt be more true
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OMG!!!! All this talk about snakes and needing to get more and more is making me think that I should go and buy a few more today. Hey I have empty space. My boyfriends diecast car collection can go to the shed. HAHA. SSHHHH don't tell him I said that.
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LOL! I have to say, thank you for sharing. I didn't realize that there are others out there who think so often of their reptiles! Yes, I do think of them before bed, and dream of them, and spend a fair share of my day reading forums and researching on the net, and reading books and magazines, and caring for my pets! So, ya... sounds like an obsession to me....

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