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Yeah, I agree magnetized screw drivers are fine and far better than dropping a screw across the legs of a chip or capacitor, especially since they sometimes tend to disappear. Hard drives are in steel cases and thus protected from outside magnetic fields. But of course putting a magnet on a plastic floppy disc will mess it up.
I work with both magnets and mos semiconductors every day.. My biggest problem is the strip on my damn charge cards never works. One should be careful not to put magets in the same pocket as your wallet.
My wife recently bought a purse with a mangetic clasp right across where you are supposed to put your credit cards.. That has to be the dumbest thing I've seen in a while.
One minor correction on the level of voltage one can feel. That all depends on the conductivety of your skin at the contact point, and the overall resistance of the complete cicuit path from plus to minus or live to ground.
If you stick a 9 volt battery across your wet tongue, you'll feel it, and 120volts is responsible for lots of north American electrocution deaths, so the above info stating it takes 1500 volts to register in a nerve ending... is incorrect.( as an electrical worker, I wish)
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Last i read in a book...(was some sort of hacker that went public)
was that you needed a serious magnet like the back end of a subwoofer for example to whipe a comp, now this could be false info, but the above mentione hacker, said he used this methond to save his ***...once again tho, could be false info...wish i could remember the name of the book?

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Originally posted by Stockwell
My wife recently bought a purse with a mangetic clasp right across where you are supposed to put your credit cards.. That has to be the dumbest thing I've seen in a while.
That's what I had always thought about those things, but they were tested on mythbusters and shown to be inneffective, as well fridge magnets, other cards, etc. They tested a big stack of cards, and it took a lot of power to damage the cards. I can't recall whether it was an abnormally strong magnetic field or voltage they were using, that eventually damaged the cards, but hopefully someone else on here saw that episode. I can't remember what the likely culprit was in the erased cards problems that people experience either... It was the myth that an eel skin wallet was capable or erasing the cards.
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I did say 3000V was approximate for a human to feel a static event. And perhaps I should have put "to feel discomfort". I 'm sure some studies would probably go +/-1500V of the previous mentioned level. It depends on many variables such as body location of the discharge, humidity and your own sensitivity. But the reason the high voltage doesn't cause too much harm is that the current is miniscule. If I remember right, dragging your feet across the carpet then "zapping" someone is about 25,000V!!

The main idea for stating the levels was to point out that even though you cannot feel a static shock, does not mean it didn't happen.

Where is this all coming from you might ask? Myself, I have a technologist diploma and have been working as such in a electronics manufacturing environment for 6 years. Currently sitting as a Quality Analyst, ESD is a daily concern for me. I have had to sit through, I'm guessing, 10 hours of ESD specific training. (In those 10 hours, I'd never thought I would be talking about ESD outside of work though. sheesh!!). I too was shocked at those numbers, but there has been millions of dollars spent on research on this topic. Reason for that is there has been billions of dollars lost through ESD damage. I know this is not what the thread was started on, my apologies. I have very little experience when it comes to reptiles, but I do know ESD.

As for magnetic screwdrivers, I don't use them. I stick a hunk of tape or even a hunk of my gum to hold the screws if necessary. Why risk it if you don't have too?
Good day,

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Stockwell, sorry, I should have clarified - 1500 volts of static charge jumping from a surface to your skin.

Anyone who has grabbed an electric fence knows you don't need 1500 volts to feel that

Then there's the experiements with high voltage low-amperage electricity where you can have 250,000 volts dancing across your skin and all you feel is a tingle
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my head hurts
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