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meow_mix450 08-16-04 07:21 PM


Im suprised no one has started a post on this, i guess no one really watchs it? Jsut wondering if anyone knows someone that made it into the olympics it would be neat


Will 08-16-04 07:34 PM

My neice is on the Gymnastics team...

Matt_K 08-16-04 07:38 PM

I know Mark Boswell.. High Jumper from Brampton..


CamHanna 08-16-04 08:27 PM


Originally posted by Will
My neice is on the Gymnastics team...
Will, who's your niece? Has she on the TV? I used to do some gymnastics way back when, but not since. Anyways, I wish her luck, and the same to Mr. Boswell.


Originally posted by Meow mix450
i guess no one really watchs it
I've barely pryed myself off the couch to eat, probably watched 20h of TV in the last 3 days, that's a lot more than my usual 2 or so. I think I'll take up swimming. LOL, watch for me in 2008, or 2012.


Derrick 08-16-04 08:31 PM

I havent seen any of it. Mind you I dont have a TV either:D

Will 08-16-04 08:38 PM

She has been on TV - she was on yesterday anyways. Her name is Kylie. She kind of had a spill during training a couple of days before her competition, and didn't finish as high as she'd hoped. I'm sure she'll be a little disappointed with the result, but I hope she has enjoyed the experience regardless. Very few of us have the honor and priveledge of competing with the world's elite.

thunder 08-16-04 08:40 PM

i dont know anyone that made it, but a girl i know almost did. she's a swimmer.

meow_mix450 08-16-04 08:41 PM

wow thats awesome, its truw only a few have the honor to get in


Matt_K 08-16-04 08:44 PM

Watch for Boswell, although he's on a wonky ankle, he's pretty hyped about being there, as you can imagine.. The guy is a hell of a jumper and has a shot at a medal for sure!!

CamHanna 08-16-04 09:14 PM

I saw her on the TV. It's amazing that someone can be only 6 months older than me and be so good. It CERTAINLY DOESN'T happen by accident though. My cousins a dancer and trains about 12-18 h hours a week to be better than average, she's not world class by any stretch of the imagination. I'm sure their are some horror stories about Kylie training. I think Congratulations are in order!

I'll be sure to watch for Boswell, I hope he does well.

PS - the 2008 or 2012 comment was just kidding, not an actual expectation, I realize what an enormous achievement making it to the Olympics is, as well as the incomprehensible commitment required.

corr 08-17-04 07:32 AM

Our family has been watching in between renovating our upstairs. We try to see as many Canadians complete as possible every games (summer and winter). We got our dog in 1996 and her name was Bailey so we made the connection to Donovan. In 2000 we got our cat and named him Simon after Whitfield. No plans yet to name another pet after an Olympian . :)

Yesterday, there was a short bio on weightlifter Maryse Turcott. I missed it, but apparently she's a herp keeper! She said to the affect - my husband and I tried dogs and cats but they were too noisey. These ones are very quiet - and they showed her with a skink (my wife didn't know what kind) and then with a Cal King! :cool:

Classic 08-17-04 07:48 AM

I watch every second that i can. It sickens me to see our team competing their hearts out while receiving little or no support from our government.

The Olympics is such a Patriotism and Nationalistic building tool that our government wishes not to tap into. I feel sad for our athletes.



dank7oo 08-17-04 08:00 AM

I disagree with you Brian. I think we, in Canada, have conditioned our athletes to accept loss. If they do not win they know there is someone (like the government) that they can blame. I think it is about time our athletes give 100%.

Forget about medals .. but when our swimmers are 3 seconds of THEIR PERSONAL bests ... something is wrong.


meow_mix450 08-17-04 09:43 AM

They are still trying to have the olympics in canada i believe...


Classic 08-17-04 09:53 AM

I amazes me how our country could try to host another games when they don't even support our athletes. Our athletes have to train on budgets that are sub-standard to third world countries. Depending on private sector for funds is an embarrasment. A medal tally or even just a respectable result that Canada gets when compared to other countries that are a 1/16th of our size and wealth is just pathetic in my eyes.
I cheer for all Canadians that compete in the games as they are heros for getting as far as they have.
Did you know that a alot of our athletes live close to the poverty line.


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