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Originally posted by SDSnakes
Nes, arn't you under the age of 18?
If so, what did you say to your parents to get them to go
along with it... I know if i was under 18 my parents would
have gone nuts.
I've been thinking the same thing since she posted the pics of it getting done LOL

(glad someone finally brought it up - you see as a father of a 12 yr old girl (and a 9 yr old girl too) I am curious to see what replies come out - either from exotic 66 or emily-fisher who REALLY scares the crap outta me!)
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hm.. well i told my parents i was going to get one and my mom gave me full permission it took for ever to convince her but i did it ....but see this is where i twisted the story a little ...i told her it was going to be around 8cm by 5 cm in size wise and she said aslong as its tiny but i mean i wanted it much bigger :P so she yelled at me for a bit since it turned out to be 13cm by 8cm
but other wise she was fairly please with the out come of my tattoo ! and now im going to get my tongue pierced ..(very excited)
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Don't worry Tony, I must be getting a little light in the loafers too. I noticed the french manicure right away too!

Tattoo looks good Nessy, that GTP's got the best seat in the house, other than you of course!

LOL how's that for cheeze! Sorry I couldn't resist.
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Looks like a neat tat! Too bad it's so blurry. I know how hard it is though, I've given up asking other people to take pics of me so I'm down to using the timer on it. I've still yet to get a decent enough pic of my Halloweenie tat
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