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Join Date: Aug-2004
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How You Were Introduced to The Reptile Hobby

How were you introduced into the reptile hobby?

I was from 5 years old intrested in reptiles. Watching Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel i learned quite a bit for 5 ^_^. I then got my first herp when i was 9, a iguana. But once i turned 10 i was introduced to an amazing BP which i have to this day. Then i was addicted and started to take in reptiles from rescues and stores. Its an amazing hobby, and ill be here for many years to come.
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Join Date: Jul-2004
Location: Mitchell, Ontario
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I started out when I was about 4. I got some little platic dinosaurs for Chritmas from my Uncle and Aunt that sparked a rather intense interest in dinosaurs. When I was about 7 or 8 I crossed over more into reptiles, which my Mom didn't appreciate. She let me have an iguana, a skink and some anoles but never any snakes.

After nearly a decade of begging for a snake she finally agreed to an albino burm in a local paper that was free to a good home. Really asking for the burm was just a ritual that I performed with every snake was the least bit inexpencive. She called my bluff. I traded the burm some time later for some BPs and now that I have several snakes Mom has pretty much given up on saying no, planting my feet more firmly in the hobby.
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Join Date: Aug-2004
Location: United States
Age: 28
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Ive had an intrest for animals for like since iw as 2, but reptiles have been the more intresting of the animals. I also like aquarium fish.
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Well I was 4 and at my cottage in Muskoka and I was outside playing when I caught sigh of something going through the grass at a slow pace, needless to say I went for a look. It was a large female eastern garter snake I was facinated so I picked her up (It was easier then I thought no biting and no musking) and took her home. My father set up a tank and I kept her for the summer ever since then I was hooked. So garters will always hold a special spot for me......
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That would have to be when I was 10 and visited a friend who had a chameleon. Been hooked ever since.

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When I was 8 and got bit by a Mojave on vacation. I enjoyed the treatment at the hospital so much, I decided to become either a nurse, or a snake owner.
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Well my bros started gettin into snakes first when i was ever since ive been hooked!! Now i have more snakes than my bros.
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I have always had a interest in herps growing up. Here and there I would find a toad or a turtle around my house but what did it for me was when I went to the local pet shop and saw a veild chamleon hunt down its prey. It blew my mind away, so I did some research and a couple of months later I bought a baby veild chameleon.
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I don't really remember a time when I didn't like reptiles. I know when I was six I asked my parents for an alligator for my birthday... much to there dismay. I always brought salamanders, frogs and snakes home would hide them in my room for a day so I could draw a picture of them and then let them go. I got my first reptile, an iguana 'Iggalotta' when I was twelve. My first snake when I was 14, a mole king named 'disco' and then when I moved out... well I've slightly expanded

In the words of a Ball python, "I won't eat it, but I'll squeeze it."
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my first job was in a pet store and I was in charge of the reptile section. real cool summer job!!!!!!!!!!!
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I can't remember a time when I WASN"T interesting in snakes, lizards, frogs, bugs, ect. I remember growing up in New Westminster, B.C., and going frogging behind the Canada Games Pool where there was a big pond! I used to catch salamanders, frogs, snakes, bugs, ect there all the time! A great place for "snaking" was in the HUGE field right behind the old B.C. Pen! I can't count the number of snakes I used to find there on any one given day.. LOL! I kept one snake for a while, then let it go. I remember setting up a "pond" and raising tadpoles for a while too... I would spend HOURS just catching bugs and stuff and running home again to feed them! I can't remember how many actually survived, but there were quite a few of them, and I brought them all down to the pond behind the pool and let them all go.. after saying good bye to each and every one of them... LOL!
Nowadays, I have two ball pythons, two sinoloan milksnakes, two boa constrictors, and coming soon... two Mexican Black kingsnakes!
Take care
Annie B. <:3 )~~
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Well I always loved animals since a kid, but I think when it came to reptiles, I gotta blame National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Animal Channel. Once dear old Steve came on with Crocs and snakes I went nuts after into reptiles. I should charge my full funds I put into this hobby towards Steve, it was his fault.....


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It actually wasnít to long ago that I really got into keeping reptiles, about 2 years ago because of a little frog I found at my cottage that I took home and kept. My friend now has him and its doing great (I just donít like amphibs )

I have always had an interest in animals though, from watching discovery, animal planet, national geo, etc instead of cartoons when I was young. I also think I got into reptiles from having a love for dinosaurs. Jurassic Park was one of my favorite movies as a child.

I couldnít see myself without owning at least one reptile. I donít think I could do it!
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Catching garter snakes by the snake pits
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i have been around reptiles ever since i was about 3, when my family moved to a new house, and our next door neighboor turned out to be the president of out local herp society. i probably spent more time over at that house than i did at my own. my first herp that i was wholly responsible for was an african clawed frog, when i was seven. i still have him. although i have never lost my love of frogs, i am now a confirmed snake addict, got my first corn at about age twelve and have had snakes ever since.
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