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Join Date: Oct-2003
Location: USA
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jparker1167 j for jay and for my twin brother joe and parker is our last name. 11 and 67 is our hockey numbers. we both use the site so we use the same name
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Well, mine come from some guy in cuba i met, his name was Carbo and he was an excellent barman ( he still is, to the last news at the hotel El Senador, Cayo Coco... ) and he always stayed in his bar. I called him Bob cause i didnt know his first name then, and he spent his time at the bar ( in french, a little lunch-bar can be called a bistro ), so he was the Bistro Bob... 85 comes for 1985, the year i was born...

1.1 BCI, 0.1.1 ETB, 0.1 Dumeril's Boa, 0.0.1 Savannah Monitor, 1.0 Diamond x JCP, 0.0.5 Lithobius Forficatus, tons of Rats, Dog and Cat.
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I am a hard core Frank Zappa fan, and I used to host a jazz radio show in which to have a request played on the air... you had to "earn" it... I requested that you (the caller/requester) "made a jazz noise" for me....
Information is not Knowledge, Knowledge is not Wisdom, Wisdom is not Truth, Truth is not Beauty, Beauty is not Love, Love is not Music, Music is the best

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Well mine is easy enough a friend gave it too me. Although when i signed on that night i had a few too many beers and left off an s at the end lol Liltattyprinces...LIL cuz i'm a small person under 5 feet. Tatty as i have many tattoos and Princess cuz that is what my good buddy always called me lol so i became known as the lil tatty princess
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Cruciform - GAH! I've been getting the 2 of those nutballs confused since their convictions. But now that you reminded me which one McVeigh was, now I remember why I literally went into a fury when he butchered that poem.

On a sidenote, have you ever heard the gothic band called Cruciform? It was a 2 person team, and they only ever did 1 album. I have a song of theirs on a compilation album... very intense stuff.
- Ken LePage
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Hmm... ~*SaMbA*~ is the nickname given to me by an ex-fiance. He called me that because of the way I dance (he thought I was good, I think I danced more like Elaine Bennece, or however you spell that dorky woman's name) hehe. Simple... not my real name, but something that's stuck around. =)
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Ken, nope I haven't heard their stuff. And they only beat me to registering the .com domain by a couple of days.

What style is it? I really hate the slow, weepy stuff. So if it's anything other than that, I'd give it a shot
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C.m.pyrrhus's Avatar
Join Date: Nov-2003
Location: Arizona
Age: 41
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My name is simply latin for a native rattler species here in Arizona. I have used the name prior for a name, so just kept it going. The name fit, being the forums I have registered it in are herpetocultural in nature.

Here is a link to the snake in question
Beau Medlar

Rattlesnakes of Arizona
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Calgary, AB
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Originally posted by Cruciform
What style is it? I really hate the slow, weepy stuff. So if it's anything other than that, I'd give it a shot
Well, like I said, I've only heard one of their songs, but it's well.... slow and weepy and angsty. The song is actually about the singer's mother committing suicide.
- Ken LePage
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Originally posted by PuNkuPoNAsTAR
No matter WHAT people seem to read my nickname as, its' punkuponastar. Not Punkupornstar
I always thought it was punkupornstar until like 3 months ago when I actually took a close look. Very clever.

Daver = nickname
676 = local exchange

Yeah I'm boring. But FUN boring!
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Nutrient Composition of Whole Vertebrate Prey

A good friend will come bail you out of jail.... but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying "Damn. We ****ed up!"
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