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Question If you could only keep one...

I guess this is aimed more at keepers with more than a handful of animals BUT all are welcome to answer.

If, for some reason, you were forced to weed your collection down to just one of your current animals, which would you keep and why?

That is a tough one. For me, I think it would be my female South Florida Kingsnake. Her or my female Irian Jaya Carpet Python!

<b>EDIT:</b> Why? The South Florida Kingsnake because she is a big, gentle snake with a great feeding response. The IJCP because she is getting HUGE and she is one of the most beautiful snakes I've ever seen in person.
Cranwill's Captive Bred Snakes
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Your collection is a little bigger then mine but I would probaly keep my patternless leopard could you say no to that.....
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Man you make it hard to sacrafice anything in this question.
Hmmm if you said species it would be Emerald Tree Boas for me.
But you said 1 animal, then that would be my 1st Albino Boa - ZEUS - reason being the amount of time it took to finally get 1, and being my most desired and babied animal I had at the time in my collection. After trying 3 years to get Albinos this little guy brought me much joy and still does.

I got others but you did not make this easy to think out only 1, lol.


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My Frilled Dragon.

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It would have to be Seth, normal male cornsnake. First snake we ever produced.

This is an old pic of him, guess I should take a recent one.

<img src="">
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One Woma. Doesn't matter which one. But ya know, an Aru GTP is making it very very hard to decide!
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Please Email Boots
Join Date: Mar-2005
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Man Tim I have got to agree about the S. Florida kingsnakes. Half the time I find difficult to get the tongs out of the cage after a feeding. My male wraps the whole thing up.

As far as your question. I would keep my first box turtle Sherman. TB
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I think it would be my Coastal Carpet Python which is also my avatar.
:eb: JJ and the Zoo
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Join Date: Jun-2004
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probably my argentine boa constrictor, as he is definately my favorite animal and has been since i got him. altho a tort would last longer!
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Fome me it would be a toss up. Either a Pueblan milk or a black milk.


Got Milks!
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It would be easer to get rid of the Wife LOL inbetween my female pastel bcior my female dumeril boa i just picked up from hiss and her pythons bouth are a charm to work around paul
Paul & Fiona
BigHill Reptiles
The more people i meet the more reasons i like my snakes

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For me, that would have to be my Dwarf Retic. Attitude, attitude, attitude. need I say more..

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I guess it would have to be my blue tongued skink.
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Join Date: Mar-2004
Location: Calgary Alberta Canada
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god your saddistic!!! lol I would have to say my first leo ever I know that a high yellow isnt to special but she was my first and is a sweety. I have a patty neon yellow and some WHITE blizzards but I like "pebbles" the best.
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My normal Ball Python, Eight. She wasn't my first snake or anything, I just seem to like her in a different way than the others.

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