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question for you all, new to this also

I have 2 red tail boas, one female which is 3 foot, and one male which is about the same size a lil smaller, anyways I have been breeding rats, and when i went to go feed pandora(the female) today, it was a baby rat well, about the same size as a big mouse, and she like inched up on it swaying her head back and fourth, the rat just sat in the corner the whole time, then she gets closer and layed her head on the rat and sat there for like 15 minutes, so i just took the rat out and will feed her tomorrow or something.. just wondering why she would do that????
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welcome to the site, i'm not sure what she was doing but i'm sure someone will be able to help you alittle more, i don't keep any red tails but maybe she was just trying to get the rats sent. also i would try to switch to pre-killed or frozen-thawed prey. live prey could attack and kill your snake. hope this helps
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well, i would feed her pre killed but i've tried and the pet store i got her from said that she refused to eat and refused to eat so they threw a live one in there and she got it right away, she wont eat pre killed i donno why
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Strange... but then again, most reptiles are... My burm won't eat rats that have spots, or are colored anything other than white. Time and time again I've had to bury an expensive dead rat because it's face was black, or there was a spot on it. No idea why he's so picky... Maybe yours is too? Sounds like maybe she was confused, or not hungry... Try it again and let us know what happens... Welcome to the site by the way!
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My spotted python is like that. She will not eat anything that is solid colored, she likes rat pups or small mice with spots of patches of color and white. She eats f/k or f/t luckily.
She will also cuddle with the food if she is not hungry. The first time I fed her (she was on solely live at the time), I gave her a small fuzzy mouse. She actually curled up on it, and the little thing cuddled with her
She wasn't very hungry obviously, and I am sure she was just loving the heat from the mouse Now she takes them gently and swallows (no constricting unless it is VERY warm) without striking. Takes a bit of time, but at least she is now eating something other than live.


PS She was just a baby when i got her, so she has never had live prey that could bite her.
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