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Addiction to reptiles....

Does anyone have an explanation or a comment on why snakes and reptiles are sooooo addicting to own?? I can't beleive how hard it is not to spend more and more money on these exotic animals. Any input would be fun to hear.

Tom P
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this is a loaded topic and I have approached a number of people about this since my 'collection' is ever increasing
They require less space and time than most other pets.

Dr. Phil wrote "Pathology starts, when normal day to day functionality stops"
I try to keep that in the forefront of my mind Before I get another animal.
Can I afford it? Do I have the time and resources to take care of it Properly (Including the vet bills should they need medical attention).
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HA ha
ain't that the truth!
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Its wierd, ever since i started my collection I have always hated pac-man frogs, blood/short tail pythons, blue tongue skinks, and deremensis chameleons. Look at me now, deremensis chameleons are my 4th favorite type of chameleon (after carpet, parsons, and brookesia parameta but i will never get those), i love how blue tongues are basically dogs, pac-mans are just soo trippy, and blood/short tail pythons (mainly borneos) are my favorite python.

What i am saying is that as you get more and more into the hobby evrything is cool. For me I have almost hit the end of my collecting untill breeding starts so it can supply me with money for food and not loose money.

and my darts are calling now (at this moment), got to love this hobby


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I dont' know WHY it's so addictive -- but I sure as hell can't deny that it is Almost one year ago exactly, I never thought that I'd have a reptile as a pet -- now I have 16 leos, and I'm just waiting for them to get old enough to breed next year Not only that, but I've spent a small fortune on building up good quality breeding stock -- enough to buy myself a car... LOL.

Add that to the fact that after saying that if there was one thing you never had to worry about me bringing home, it was a snake -- guess who wants a snake now? Hehe. When I get my own place when I move out west, I have to make sure that it has an extra room where I can put all of my herps So for me -- that means a 2 bedroom ... or if I get a roomie, that means a 3 bedroom... LOL.

I'm telling ya, it's insane. I've never seen anything like this before I mean seriously -- I love cats, and dogs -- but I would certainly never consider having 16 of them!
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well when me and my wife first teamed up there was no way any rep would make it into this house!
well so far over fifty + or - lizards and a few frogs have come and gone
not to mention the fifteen or so that live here on a regular basis
now she buys them (for me)as birthday,anniversary,xmas you name it
i think shes more addicted than i am
maybe soon i'll get her to let a snake in the house everyone keep your fingers crossed for me
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I think they are laced with heroin or cocain. Thats the best I can figure.
Snakes? I just like to teraform!
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HA HA HA!!! LOL @ Silke, hell, LOL @ EVERYONE!
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another example
a year and a half ago I didn't care for the goofy fat tails of leopard I have 10

2 weeks ago I didn't like boas / pythons that is the next snake i wanna get...after seen how gorgeous their colouring is and how many people are so loyal to them I figured their personality had to be Awesome.

I now have 2 x 10 gal and 1 x 20 gal with lids...just in case...
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I love Boxers! Our boy will be 1 this month and I had my wife convinced we had to get at least another one! Well I got a ball python, She got a beardie, im getting a sand boa....... I think 1 boxer will b enough as we're going to be taking up tooo much room with extra aquariums

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I had a turtle when I was a kid, then nothing for many years, then katey got a ball python july 2001 and moved in with me a short time after that. now we have 12 snakes and i've got about another 16 on my wanted list. (the list seems to grow every day)
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May you live in interesting times.
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I've always loved snakes, I used to go garter snake catching a lot when I was a kid.

Got my first corn a bit over a year ago thinking it was going to be my 1 snake pet. I now have 5 and am already planning on getting at least 3 more in the next few months. What's the funniest is my boyfriend, every time I bring a new baby home he looks so discouraged! "Not another one!" is what I always get as a response! But he's good and doesn't complain much other than that He sees that I take good care of them and they don't bother him so he puts up with my addiction Even helps out with some of them occasionally.

Keeper of 5 snakes, leopard geckos, 1 green iguana, 20+ tarantulas, 2 dogs & a bunch of rats!
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herps are just way cooler then any other pet
they are harder to take care of more costly but who the hell cares
you love them
thats why they are addicting
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I've studied this for sometime and have worked out what is happening.

You start off with a corn snake, small tank/UTH
corn grows up and moves on to bigger tank.
what you going to do with the empty tank?
It calls to you in your sleep! "fill me! fill me"

So you go out and get a king snake and whilst your there you pick up a royal python and another small thank.

They both grow up and your left with 2 small empty tanks.

They then start to call to you in your sleep! the circle or snakes beggins again.

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