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Teacher Wants to Feed Puppies to His Snakes...

Teacher wants to Feed Puppies to his Snakes


Rats- A "Natural Food"

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Wow, that is really, really screwed up. That guy should be fed to a grizzly.
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I say that it would be fine if he fed puppies that were already put to sleep instead of live. Unless, of course, the gasses that killed the puppies still stayed in their bodies after death.

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i dont think thats screwed up at all. his way of thinking is very appropriate and by no meens evil. Although he should have took into consideration that not many people in the world see his perspective. The only evil i can see in that picture is if the guy actually looses his job.

my 2 cents

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Even so it's still kinda sad. I mean that was someones pet or could have been someones pet if it had been aloud to live right. True them already beening put to sleep is more humane, it's still wrong in my humble opinion.
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I dunno- Im 50/50 on this one- but even if that is his perspective, and an arguably legitimate one, im not sure if we should be doing live demos of that viewpoint in the classroom.

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i also cant stand when people think we are more important than other animals. Sure we are smarter, capable of building great things and animals are not but we are also the only living thing on this planet that cant seem to live here without destroying it.
Im no angel and i know i never will be and i know alot of people are gonna really disagree with me on thsi one but this world would be better off if we fed human babies to snakes instead of kittens and puppies.

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Im not saying this to offend anyone here or to be hurtfull(as this includes me), but I think humans have been one of the worst things to happen to this planet, and we have ruined it enough, so now its time to turn around, think about everything, and re-adjust to our surroundings to make the world live long and prosper. We've done enough bad things to it already and we arent taking into account what we are ignoring in this world.

I am very facinated and interested and agree with alot of views of Dr. David Suzuki, and I have an example to point out. I know its a little off topic, but I will relate and bring it back later.

1 year ago, the formation of earth happened. Our current place in time is the last half second of that year. The time when humans began to walk the earth, was during the last few seconds of this year. So according to this year callender, we have been here for only about 5 seconds. Since then, we have greatly changed the earth, misstreated it, thousands of species have completly dissapeared, and we are not taking into account all the damage we have done. My social studies class figures that if we continue at this pace/level, we will have destroyed the earth within the first two days of the second year of the earth(if not earlier). I dont really remember all the numbers exactly, and may be a little off, but hopefully you understand that example(ask any questions you have if you want clarrification).

Humans(in general) have formed oppinions and given value to certain other beings around us, and not taken into account the importance of other beings. We have formed opinions and beliefs in certain cultures, and are ignoring some facts, that we really do not wish to hear. What makes a dog, so much more special than a rat? How many people will actually care to take in that rats CAN and DO have good personalities? Why is the mouse so disgusting to alot of people? Are these animals(and bugs) comming into our homes invading on us and trying to kill us? No, we are invading on THEIR territory. We have expanded alot. THEY were here first, we ran over their territory. Is it right to form an opinion on some animals just because of their capabilities? I personally dont think so. Just cause we cannot interact as much with some animals, does not mean they are of less value.

As an example, I know many of us(such as myself) are very facinated and really like animals such as: Snakes, Lizards, Amphibians, Inverts, Fish. Most(didnt say all and dont think im pointing fingers, just a general idea) of the outside public that is not part of our hobby, thinks: "Eww", "Gross", "Ugly", "Boring", "Stupid, "Sensless", 'blah blah blah', about the animals we keep/like. Why do people put "our" animals in that class? Because of public opinion/correctness. Why have some others been put into such high classes? Again, opinion/correctness, and a matter of emotion developed from things that have been put into our mind.

*Just a general question I though of*
Why should a spider be smushed on sight? Cause its ugly, and its in YOUR house right? Wrong, your "house" is on it's house. Most subdivisions going in on city property involves the destruction of some animals habitats. Then we move in and complain about them. Not right, they were there first, not us.

Anyways, I've been off topic too much.

In the wild, its unlikely, but probably going to occur, that a dingo, or wild cat is going to get eaten by a large snake! Komodos will eat dogs, livestock, and other animals like that that we put into their area. Its going to happen in the wild, why not in captivity? Of the sever thousands(maybe millions) of animals mistreated in captivity everyday, thousands will be put down because we said we would take care of them, but just toss them off instead. What gives us a right to toss off that animal, and then take its life because there is no place for it with use? Why waste all those lives? Throw them back into the food chain, mind you it should be done humainly, but at least make sure its not just wasted. For all we know, those dogs would be adopted, then one of them released on to city streets, taken by the pound, and euthenized. Why waste all that taking care of a dog that is going to get killed anyways? Put it through all the misery of being alone on the streets. Do you like being mistreated? No, Right? Then why should the dog. I hope everybody understands my points....and my position should be rather obvious, but I do agree that the teacher could have thought more about it instead of giving us(herpers) a rather bad image. Its things like this that also make us seem worse, and more people dislike the animals we love and care about.


None of the above was meant to offend anyone, nore pointing fingers are anyone. My examples were toward mostly the general public, with things that we all know happen every day. I am not pointing fingers at anyone, as I know that there are things I have done when I was younger. I do hunt, and always take as much as I can from the animal that will provide me well. I do get some mounted, but dissagree with wasting some the animal, and always take the useful parts and make sure they are put to use.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my post, and I hope you were able to understand it.

Good-day to you all!

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I can see the logic behind this teacher's thinking, but I don't think he totally thought this through...

You can't even yell at a kid in school anymore, let alone feed puppies(wanted or not) to a snake.

Whether this planned action is right or wrong on his part, he didn't do a very good job thinking out the possible consequences - especially when, as an educuator, he should know that parents can be super-sensitive(and so they should be) when it comes to what their child is exposed to in an educational environment.

Chalk it down as another dumb idea that probably won't reflect very well on reptiles in an educational environment...
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While I don't disagree with feeding prekilled animals, regardless of what they are, to reptiles, or other carnivores, I don't think it should be done in a classroom in front of a roomful of children. There is too much negative public sentiment regarding reptiles already, this just adds fuel to the fire. While I realize that dogs and cats are considered "pets," there are so many that are "thrown" away every day. These "unwanted" animals are going to die anyways, why not at least let them be "useful" as food? So many people disagree with using dogs or other "pet" animals as food, yet they refuse to have their animals fixed and many people actually add to problem by purposely breeding their animals .... so they can let their children see the babies or whatever other rediculous reasons they come up with. I've taken in so many animals over the years that have been the result of people wanting a "cute" pet... and once that cute little kitten or puppy or whatever grows up and stops being so cute... they tie it up outside and ignore it... or drive out to the country and dump it... or any number of OTHER inhumane ways to get rid of their animals. How is dumping your cat or dog out in the country to slowly starve to death, or be torn apart by coyotes, more humane than humanely euthanizing it and using the body to feed other animals?
Ok.... I'll hush now before I REALLY offend someone... LOL!
Take care
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Well guys, there is no evil in nature, and if boa constrictors are higher in the food chain than puppies, everything is at it's natural place. We could also eat the boa, or get eaten by something bigger, a burmese or a retic, and everything would still be fine with the logic of nature. The guy shouldnt loose his job but he didnt evaluate the impact on the general public who don't know that the ham they eat comes from a friendly pigglet that could have been their best friend...
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Yo word bistro! lol!

The guy did a dumb thing because he ignored the inevitable reaction to feeding puppies to snakes in front of school children. Just say that out loud "feeding puppies to snakes in front of school children", how does that sound? You know how people are going to react right away. The guy should have known better even if it is ok for a snake to eat a dog. No one would have cared if he fed the doomed pups to the snakes AFTER school when it wouldn't make teenaged girls cry.

Now when it comes to these ridiculous human analogies, prisoners and even human babies being intentionally fed to animals... I mean geezes, that's nuts. lol!

So let me get this straight, I'm a little confused about our position in the food chain in your world, we're less important than puppies but we're still ahead of rats, right? lol! wow
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status on the food chain has nothing to do with the importance of the animal.

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how is this any different than disecting the fetus of a pig or rat or any animal for that matter

we as snake keepers are so hypocritical why is it ok to feed a rat or mouse but when it comes to cute bunnies or other animals it becomes wrong

i for 1 would never consider feeding a live dog or cat , but if they were already dead i would not see any harm in doing so

just my $0.02
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I think that the teacher should lose his <A TITLE="Click for more information about job" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="|1||||job|AA1VDw">job</A> based on the fact that his job is to teach the kids about seince and not about feeding a snake.yes it is part of life and life happens but puppies are pets and have no place in a snakes mouth. I have kids and would have a fit if this was at my kids school. I have snakes and feed them but would never feed my snakes anything that was alive just becasue i think it is not a nice or normal thing to sit there and watch. but that is my opintion. It just makes me think what this world is coming to when people enjoy watch another kill another animal and eat it. yes again it is life but i think people should take more time into watching things that are not so nasty to watch. again i am not saying anything about anyone just my opintion and like the saying goes opintions are like a@@holes and everyone has one.and again i own snakes and lizards. lol

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