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A (Non-Reptile) Rescue

Today started out like any other... I woke up early, dragged myself out of bed and got ready as I drove to work (hehe). About an hour later my fiance, Trevor, called to tell me I needed to pick up a dog or it was going to the pound.

Frank, Trevor's supervisor at work, told him that his neighbors had moved last night and left their dog behind. He asked them when they were coming back for it, and they said they weren't. The pound had been called and they were scanning the neighborhood looking for this dog when I got there this morning (I am INCREDIBLY lucky to have such an understanding boss!)

She is thin, extremely thin, as if she hasn't eatten in years, but timid and adorable! I took her to Trev at work (his boss brings his dogs all the time!) so that he could look after her for the day. We fed her a bit, and she's as sweet as pie. Why anyone would abandon such a loyal animal is beyond me, but she'll stay with Trevor and I now, as a new addition to our family. Her old name is Baby, but we don't want to call her that... we would like to name her something that sounds similar, though... Any suggestions?

She is a German Shepard/Staffie mix... I can't wait to post pix of her!
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glad someone cares

Good job!
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I'm glad to know there are people like you in this world. Give her a big hug for me!
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She is lucky to have gotten a second chance.. good job
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Report the neighbors for animal abandonment.
It may mean having to pay an adoption fee to keep the dog, but if you're lucky the bastards will get charged with something.
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Wow, Samba, what a nice story. I'm really crappy for names. I agree you'll want a name that sounds like Baby. All I can come up with is Gabby or Lady. Not very creative! lol I named one of my dogs Rusty and a very senior Senior Citizen said she thought I could have come up with something better that that! What about Samby? kinda like Samba?
My daughter-in-law (Retic Chic) is really good at naming critters. Maybe she'll reply to your post!
Take Care,
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Well speaking as an animal rescuer from way back, congrats and hats off to you Samba. Hope that it all works out well
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Dogs really only hear the last syllable of their names, so if you choose something ending in "by" she should respond well. You could try "my baby", then "maybe", then "maggie". Just an idea Congrats for rescuing her, she sounds wonderful. Sometimes our human need to own things clouds our judgements as to just how precious our pets truly are. You and your fiance are genuinely wonderful people. Thank you.

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Great to hear she has a home with you Staffies are my fave (crosses too). What about the name Sadie, sounds a lot like baby, and is much more sweet
Give her a hug and a cookie from me

TK who is missing her staffie
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So far I love the names Sadie and Lady.... personally... I'd go with Lady! She sure sounds like one!
WAY TO GO Samba for rescuing this little dear! Here's a toast to you! <raises cup of coffee> May you and your fiance be RICHLY blessed for your kindness!!
Take care
Annie B. <:3 )~~
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So glad to hear this story has a happy ending! It would have been tragic had it not been for the two of you coming to that poor dog's rescue.

People like the former owners are really repulsive to me...that they'd just abandon an animal to starve to death, or end up being picked up by animal's sick!

They couldn't have taken the time to try to find a good home for that dog? I had to do that once - the dog was a good dog, but a constant barker (our neighbors weren't too pleased). First we tried every training technique we could find to try to reduce the "nuisance" barking, but nothing worked. Even asked our vet for any suggestions - he said he knew of some vets (he called them "unethical") who would remove the dog's larynx...but he WOULD NOT do that...nor did I think that was a solution. He also said if I was desperate, and couldn't find a home for the dog, he would euthanize could barely choke that out, I said "don't worry, it's not an option". He gave me several breed rescue organizations, which were unfortunately at capacity.

I asked friends and family (I wanted personal references), and the sister of a friend of mine had a female of the same breed (mine was neutered male), she LOVED the breed, understood that barking was part of that breed's "personality"(herding breed, herds by barking) had several acres of land, completely fenced in, no neighbors close by... they came to see my dog, brought the kids, and altho he was a shy dog, he seemed very comfortable with the family, and the kids were wonderful with him. They went home, without the dog, so we could take time to make sure it was a good decision. We talked the next day, they loved the dog, I felt they were a good family and experienced with the breed - they adopted my dog. No money changed hands. The most important thing to all of us was that the dog have a good home.

It's not all that difficult....I just don't understand people who throw animals away! :medangry: :medgrimac :medtongue

I'm so glad you were there to rescue that dog, and I'm sure you'll never regret it, and no matter what you change the name to, the dog will have a loving family. :medbigsmi
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Wow, you did a great thing! I am into volunteer work with dogs, and to hear this makes me so happy. That you took this dog in. Thank you for caring so much!
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Thank you all for your support! My first night alone with "Baby" (still haven't picked a name but I'm partial to Sadie) went well. I took her to pet store to see how she does in public. She was frightened at first... obviously no one has ever taken this dog anywhere... which is a shame because she flourished with all the attention she got. She sat calmly as I peeked at the leopard geckos (just looking!) and was ok in the car. She wanted desparatly to be in the front seat with me!

She is still playful, and it's a lot of fun to see her happy. She did have an accident this morning in my living room, but nothing a little carpet cleaner can't fix.

Trev and I will now be searching for a new place to live so that she will have a yard, and won't have to be hidden from the landlord. Thanks again, and I will post photos of her when I can (sorry my digi cam went pooh on me last week!) =)

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what a nice 'happy ending' story for this pup.

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