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So you want to house 2 diff snakes together huh?

I just thought i would post this here instead of posting it multiple times in diff forums...

I hope you guys dont mind this is a link from a different forum, but i thought it should be posted due to how many people do actually keep these snakes together.. Feel free to move if needed..
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thanks for making me sick. *barf*
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Those are some interesting pics.
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Good post. Thanks Tim.
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I hope you copied those pics. I did.
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Wow- thats really sad for the BP. The sheer mechanics of the boa actually doing that are kinda hard to believe, given their similar size. A lesson for all keepers, indeed.

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Now there is actual physical proof as to why not to house two snakes together. That pic needs to be available for quick post.
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Wow, hard to believe that the boa managed to get that Ball down in the first place...

Even harder to believe someone could have 2 gorgeous animals like that and be too cheap to buy a second rubbermaid...
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Very information. I think I saw this somewhere else yesturday too. But it does help understant the reasons to avoid this situation for others.


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Great post...yet another reason not to house snakes together (not to mention the diff. housing requirements), and still not one to keep them together ...

Thanks for sharing
Heather Rose
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Old 07-15-04, 10:16 AM   #11 (permalink)
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that is the most interesting thing ive seen in awhile.....i could never mix species......A snake from south america in the same tank as a snake from africa...IT JUST DOESNT LOOK RITE TO ME!!!
poor ball python though

my 2 cents

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looking into amazon bird eating snakes too!!!!!
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That is so sad, not to mention bad for both snakes. Poor ball!!!
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You couldn't have posted those at a better time.

I got a call from the snake keeper at the Saskatchewan Science Center. They have a ball python which is not eating, and he wanted to ask me what to do. After a few minutes of asking how the ball python was set up, I asked if it lived with any other snake. It lives (until yesterday) with a big boa!

I'll likely send that link to them.

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Wow thanks for sharing that with us! I can't beleive that boa managed to get the ball down his throat!!! Why would you even think of housing a python and a boa together??? Doesn't make sense to me. Too bad those snakes
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That is just so sad. You'd think people would know better.
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