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Old 07-12-04, 05:36 AM   #46 (permalink)
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Join Date: Feb-2004
Location: Edmonton
Age: 39
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Well I tried the SAHM for 6 months when I got laid off after 2 yrs of being a crew leader (lead hand) at an assembly line bakery. It didnt' pay enough to buy the snakes I want ( DH likes my hobby but won't pay for it for me :P ) So now I'm a sales associate for 7-11. I like it I work graveyards wich is what I like to work, pay is ok for me and my boss is already looking at me becoming an assitant manager or manager. And I have money to buy my snakes!! Eventually I would like my hobby to support itself, my husband supports the family I just need the money to get more snakes.

Is this where I sign up for reptiles anonymous???
Nita Hamilton
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Old 07-12-04, 07:18 AM   #47 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug-2003
Location: Stony Plain
Posts: 40
Hi I'm Pete, a retired electrical technologist that worked 35 years for a power company, I also have a 4th Class Steam Ticket. Worked 10 years in high voltage substations and 25 years in hydro and coal fired power plants.Now I'm a full time Grand Pa.
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Old 07-12-04, 07:21 AM   #48 (permalink)
Join Date: May-2003
Location: New York
Age: 44
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I am a Network Technician for T-Mobile. I get up at 4:15am, trek an hour and a half to work, put in a 12 hr shift and then drive home. Great part about that is, I only work 15 days out of the month. I love my time off
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Join Date: Jan-2004
Location: t.o.ronto
Age: 33
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if i told you i'd have ta kill ya... :P
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: U.S.A
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I work as a police officer.
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Join Date: Jun-2004
Location: outside of the box
Age: 50
Posts: 377
I'm a visual artist and work in many different mediums (nice way to make some money) and I also work part-time as a processor for a library.

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Join Date: Jun-2004
Location: California
Age: 37
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I work in escrow right. Paper work for people who buy and sell houses. Its boring but the pay sucks! hehehehehehe
At home I draw Tattoo desings for anyone who wants them. I have a Full sleeve and am starting my next one which is all my own artwork. I am planning to start tattooing in the near future.
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Age: 34
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I'm a sub contractor for brick and stone restoration.
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Join Date: May-2004
Location: Quebec
Age: 28
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Im 14 and going to grade nine,all i really have for me now is Grappling(wrestling/submissions) maybe itsnota job but it feels like it nothing like 240(im 170,but not one of those huge fat meaty guys,normal sieze) tossing you on your ribs,worse that happened was tearing my muscel(only slightly though needed a sling thats all,my mom and her side of the family are against me wrestling lol...You Guys Who Do Work over the summer are sooo lucky,i have no money

But maybe when im older since i dont eat much,i move in an apartment and buy alot of herps
0.1.0 Tremper Albino Leo
1.0.0 Bearded Dragon
0.0.1 Fire Crested Gecko
0.0.1 Emperor Scorpion

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Join Date: Oct-2003
Location: Victoria Canada
Posts: 488
I don't have a job since I'm only14 but I get to help out at Crystal Gardens and if stays open I get to do work experience next year there. Oh and definately it's not a done deal that it's going to close. We're still working hard to save it. I fyou guys want any good info onthe issue go onto
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Old 07-12-04, 07:47 PM   #56 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Elmira, Ont
Posts: 45
I have my own painting and renovation business. I've been doing this for 15 years and going stong!! thanks john
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Join Date: Feb-2002
Location: Ontario
Posts: 1,018
i own and operate an upholstery business, any fabric covered furniture from antiques to modern...the only thing I don't do is auto upholstery.
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Former member
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Location: Left of center
Age: 49
Posts: 462
I currently manage a divison of a group of companies. I do have to put in a lot of hours every week to ensure things are running smoothly and the money keeps coming in. The pay is very good but the perks are so awesome they are just insane. It took 17 years to get to this point and it was worth every day and every hour. I does truly go to show that hard work and education do pay off. The rest is just time effort and Patience.

“You know its funny I was thinking about what you said. The preeminent truth of our age is that you can not fight the system. But if as you say the truth is fluid that the truth is subjective then maybe you can fight the system. As long as just one person refuses to be broken refuses to bow down” “But can you win?” “Every time I say NO”
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Location: Pittsburgh
Age: 33
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I am a professional bum.
"A monk was traveling and came to a fork in the road. He stopped, looked at it and decided to leave it there for someone else to ponder, someone who may need it, for his own spoon was quite sufficient."
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Join Date: Dec-2003
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4th year biology student hoping to go to dentist school
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