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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Calgary, AB
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I just recently quit my job of 4 years due to extreme stress and mistreatment, but I WAS a Software Quality Assurance Analyst (fancy term for software tester) for an Internet company. Now I'm doing the reptiles thing, and running my graphic & web design business. I am still vying for another tester job though.
- Ken LePage
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Location: Tampa,FL U.S.A.
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I kinda walk around staring at the sky a lot.
Seriously, I maintain condos and properties. I'm outside 99% of the time, so I see a lot of wildlife which I prefer to being inside looking at walls and people.
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I am a Auto tec were i do safteys and all repairs.

But right now i have a year off because of the surgerys on my hand. So it is Just the reptile thing right now

Specializing in Large Pythons
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I'm a veterinary technician of 15 years, behaviouralist, certified groomer, I run an exotic pet rescue agency Creature Comforts Pet Rescue ,and I research and breed herps as a hobby.
:eb: JJ and the Zoo

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Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: Manitoba
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I am a singer/songwriter... but no one pays me for it! Lol

After high school (8 years ago... yikes!), I decided to pursue music full time. I worked odd jobs to get by but I actually did pretty well with the music thing. I was taken on by Chris Burke-Gaffney, the guy who got Chantal Kreviazuk her record deal as well as McMaster and James and a bunch of other artists. He's a great guy and very talented at what he does.

I was signed (once upon a time) to a development deal with Warner Bros. in the US. But that has all kind of "disappeared" for many different reasons including immigration laws, my manager got cancer and my family life kind of took over (and so have snakes ). Oh well... maybe one day I will seriously pursue it again.

Currently, I am enjoying working casually at a local theatre where I was once part of the management team. I also do the "snake-thing" which takes up several hours each day, I dabble in web-design…nothing crazy, just some basic stuff for my own purposes and I am a stay-at-home dad to my 3 kids (4.5, 3 and 1). I feel that life has been good to me.
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Join Date: Jun-2004
Posts: 1,109
i am living at home with my parents while i finish high school, and i work (though i have taken the summer off) at the lawrence hall of science, in the biology lab with all the beasties. it is the best job ever and it pays great. i hope to make it to college within the next few years, and after that, i dont know.
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I am a networking tech in ottawa.

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Location: southern alberta
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i build modular homes (fancy name for trailers). The pay is good but management has there heads up there -----. I have a job offer to go to nigeria and work the offshore oil rigs and just waiting for all passports and stuff first so i can go. Hopefully it all arrives in time, before start up.
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Join Date: Mar-2003
Location: USA
Age: 44
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I am a Reverse Logistics Manager for a MM$$$ in K-ville Tennessee. Long story short, I keep what we sell sold to big corps like Wal-mart, H. Depot, Lowe's, etc...
I'm so far Right, it's amazing I haven't fallen OVER!
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Location: Langley
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Well... I don't do anything exciting or "fancy" ... I'm just a feeder breeder and quite happy with it. It means I get to stay at home with my daughter and do something I love, instead of sitting inside a stuffy office for 9 hours a day and force myself to be "nice" to people who I would much rather tear the heads off of and feed to monitors.... er... I mean... OOPS! Did I say that out loud? I used to manage a pet store... HATED it.. and before that was an "administrative assistant," which is just a nice fancy way of saying "secretary" or "receptionist." It was an okay job... but I much prefer working with animals to dealing with idiots.
Take care
Annie B. <:3 )~~
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Location: Canada
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Go to McMaster University for history and poli sci and work part time at the beer store during the year.
"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."
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Location: Windsor, ON
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i manage an exotic petstore run by a bunch of @$$holes.
i'm sure the animals know more about humans than the owners know about them. heck, i'm sure they'd be able to write a book about themselves before the owners ever even read about them. i'm literally the backbone of the place and i'm completely unappreciated and cynical today. *forced smile*

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.
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I have nothing important to post so i put something totally uncalled for here instead....which of course forces me to have to have Shane edit my post...which ive done, grow up, this is a public forum and stupidity of this sort is totally uncalled for! Since i have to waste my time editing this, i thought i would leave it and respond here so that everyone can read your reply from me. If your not going to respond to this thread in a manner that is past a grade 2 level, don't respond at all! Shane.

Question, email me:
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I'm a bilingual helpdesk rep for ACNielsen Canada (Homescan).... I plan on going back to school just haven't decided for what yet :P
:sun:¤Melanie¤:sun: Vamos a Cuba!
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Charm School graduate, too, mark, don't leave that one out. (hahahaha thanks to shane for editing that post

Anyways I work the graveyard at a research facility that runs a lot of traffic information systems for the state DOT. Its ok, salary isnt anything to cheer about, but its not tragic, either. We do ok. No breeding snakes. I dont think hubby could take it. But I think one day when I have a chunk of money I could see myself opening my own LPS. I really love animals, and working with them and learning about them, so It would be a job Id love to go too every day.

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