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Old 07-10-04, 09:00 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Location: Mississauga ONt
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Wild Milk snakes In Mississauga?

Dudes and Dudetts I found a milk snake on my block, and i live in a suburban area lots of houses but hardly any fields around just busy streets, i found a milk snake yesterday and i wanted to know is this unusual? have their been lots of sitings of them in Mississauga? anyways i'm am thinking it could be a pet that escaped or its wild if it was a pet i am keeping the mofo if its wild i will bring it to a field and release it, the guys driveway it was on well he thought it was a boa, and was going to kill it so i walk up all professional lol like i'm the croc hunter and take out of the net he had it in the buger bit it didn't hurt but then she settled and let me hold her for the rest of the day
neways do you think its wild?
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Old 07-10-04, 09:13 AM   #2 (permalink)
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There are some wild milksnakes in Quebec and ontario. Eastern milksnake.
It could be wild, should post some pics, I am sure people would be able to let you know.
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i've heard there are but i think we need a pic dude
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pics...whats color is it.


Got Milks!
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I don't have a camera that can put it on the site but I will find a pic and put the link on the computer, http://gallery.****************/
its identical to that one, I am colour blind so iaint good with descriptions
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Old 07-10-04, 11:26 AM   #6 (permalink)
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seann, eastern milksnakes are very common in mississauga and pretty much most of ontario....
its definietly a wild snake, so my opinion would be definitely release it back were you found it.
congrats on the find!
Matt Rudisi
~Reptiles Canada~
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Old 07-11-04, 12:22 AM   #7 (permalink)
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Matt is correct, they are common in southcentral Ontario but many people don't see them due to their mostly nocturnal nature. They are even found still in some parks in Toronto. Please release it as close as possible to the area it came from, preferably within 50 metres. They have small home ranges and may not find their way back to their hibernacula if they are released farther away. I doubt your neighbour will ever see it again.

Of course, it would be illegal to keep it, as they are a protected species.

Jeff Hathaway
Sciensational Sssnakes!!
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Old 07-19-04, 02:14 PM   #8 (permalink)
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Location: Mississauga ONt
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it layed eggs

I couldn't come on to my computer it was messesed up but anyways the milk snake i found layed eggs i will release her back in the wild and the babys when they hatch, and yeah it is an eastern milksnake its amazing that they live in my area, anyways thanks for the advice i feel real bad watchinh her try to get out of the tank all the time, thanks for yor advice
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