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Talking Lets See The "Gems" Of Your Collections!

Hi all,
I'm sure there has been a post somewhere similar to this.
Lets see your "best of the best". If you have any rare, unique, or even just your favs lets see them!
Here is one of mine just to start off.

He is an amazing looking Red Bar Ambanja Panther. I love his "excited" colors. He gets some very neat looking blood red stripes when he gets excited!

I'll soon have pics of some sweet emeralds I have comming in as well as an amazing looking Timor Python!

Hope to see some great animals!

Avery Exotics
"An 8-Legged Walk On The Wild Side"
Kelowna, BC
Phone: 250-717-3499
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Albino boa constrictor.

Anerythristic boa constrictor

And i cant forget about the Hog Island.

All of my snakes are my "GEMS" but these three are my most expensive Gems so far
[10:12pm]@ [Matt] he's all up in there like swimwear.
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Ok- here's a few of mine.


Brazilian Rainbows

And Mr.Personality- My Taiwan Rat snake

Can't post pics of the most recently acquired "gems", my new Western Hognoses, till I get my camera back- but they make up in behaviour what they lack in good looks.
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Here are some pics I like

These are some pics I like of my geckos.

A male U. phantasticus

A young male U. phantasticus

A young female U. ebenaui
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Jacksons Chameleons

Frilled Dragons (Personal Fav.)

Moluccan Pythons

Dumeril's Boas

Hogg Island Boas

Red Foot Tortoise
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: ont
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here are a couple i have pics of


male GTP

and female GTP
1.1 albino boas, 1.1 dumeril boas 1.1100%het albino boas 1.0 Anery boa0.1 hypo boa 1.1 columbian boas 1.0 ballpython 1.1 hypo corns

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My gem

Here's a pic of my savu python. He's a great snake!

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Former Moderator no longer active
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For the most part, I try to only attain really nice specimens in the first place (with a few exceptions ), so I had trouble not putting down all of 'em... lol... but here are the cream of the cream of the crop

<b>The Really Purty Ones</b>

Two of my nicest Bcc
<img src="">
<img src="">

Colombian Pair
<img src="">
<img src="">

The better half
<img src="">

<b>Not So Common</b>

Pair of Jamaican Boas
<img src="">
<img src="">

Not rare, but not that common up here yet either
<img src="">

<b>Real "Gems" </b>
Not exceptional specimens, nor are they rare, but they are outstanding in their own right

Little Eye has an underdevloped eye and a kinked tail, has more personality than you will ever see in a gecko
<img src="">

My Little Man - well anyone that knows redfoots knows how they make the list!
<img src="">
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Anubis is my absolute gem, not only for his exceptionally light pattern, bright tail, and huge size (5.5' at 2 years old), but his personality. He is just the coolest snake I have ever owned:

Then there's Morpheus, the abnormally large corn (also 5.5'):

And Apollo, a baby I got from Scales Zoo. He's got the brightest tail I've ever seen on a baby boa, and he's actually in a dark phase in this picture:

- Ken LePage
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These aren't new pics but here are some of my favorites....

My big burgundy hypo female (unpoven)...

My garbage can... Irian Jaya male...

A nasty little girl who just has a neat look to her...

Yeah, yeah, just a kingsnake but these guys are WICKED! I love 'em! South Florida King...

My male pastel... he will be <b>busy</b> this season...
Cranwill's Captive Bred Snakes
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Here is one of my newly aquired snakes..................little amel corn
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 1.0 amel corn snake.jpg (4.8 KB, 189 views)
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Attached Images
File Type: jpg 1.0 amel corn snake.jpg (4.8 KB, 187 views)
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The "gem" of my collection in my eyes is my normal Ball Python, Eight. She gets treated like she cares if I love her, (tee-hee) and because I love this particular snake so much, she is also the best looking in my eyes even though I have more expensive and nicer looking snakes. :P

<img src="">

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Here is my pride and joy my little JCP male from Jeff. I just wish I had better pics of him but you get the general idea.

Transform & Roll Out!
1.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons, 0.1 Het Albino Boa, 0.1 African Rock Python
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I love each and every animal in my collection of herps and inverts but 2 stand out more in my heart and they are my most precious gems.

1. Paco, my rescued iguana

Never liked iguanas until I saw this little girl at a local herp meeting up for adoption. It was love at first sight and I wouldn't give her up for anything in the world. She's not even the "nicest" ig either, actually she is very tempermental and I have well over 50 scars on my hands and forearms from this missus! But she has such a personality and I just can't imagine her not being around. Since I'm not the most social of people, I guess that's why we fit together so well! Like peas and carrots

2. Charlotte, Mexican red knee tarantula

She was my first tarantula and is still my favorite. She is very special to me because watching her is therapeutic for me. She's one of the few things that can make me forget everything else by just looking at her. It's wierd. I have many other Ts but it's just her that has this effect on me. She's always beautiful and calm.

I'm sure others would have thought that I would have named my albino boas as my gems and they are. But these two particular animals have a spell on me and will always stand out from the rest.

Keeper of 5 snakes, leopard geckos, 1 green iguana, 20+ tarantulas, 2 dogs & a bunch of rats!
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