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opinion on hybrids

i have lately come to realize that there is a lot of opinion on hybrids
I saw the snake and I thought she was lovely so I got her. I don't have enough info to have an educated opinion yet.
There are some who are interested in the scientific aspect of hybridization and others who value the purity of the blood lines.

where does everyone here stand on this issue?
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opinion on hybrids

I'll start the ball rolling for you Silke. I think hybrids are and will continue to be a part of the herpetocultural hobby. Some of them are beautiful animals, others ugly mutts. The biggest fear of hybridizing is the pollution of "pure" bloodlines. When two different "species" are crossed, the offspring normally look like a combination of the founding parents. Very easy to recognize as hybrids. Problem is when these F2 offspring are bred together, the resulting offspring often resemble one or other of the founder animals. The problem manifests itself here when these "pure appearing" offspring are sold, traded what have you as "pure" whatever and make their way into a breeding colony, all hell breaks loose when they are bred.

Many years ago, US breeders crossed Burmese Pythons (App II) with Indian Pythons (App I) to circumvent Federal Laws prohibiting interstate transport of App I animals without proper permits. The offspring often looked like "pure" Indian Pythons but could legally be transported because they were part Burmese. It is now nearly impossible to find "pure" Indian Pythons.

Bottom line is, hybrids should and must be handled for what they are..........interesting and often beautiful monsters. They must always be traded as such. Take em' or leave em'.
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I'm in totally agreement with Scotty. Hybrids are not in and of themselves, it's the dishonesty of some breeders not disclosing what has gone into the making of such and such hybrid.
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agree with both. I personally don't have or want a hybrid but buying something for breeding and getting something else would not make me a happy camper.
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