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OMG he is a she

Tonight after school i was helping my daughter clean her red albino corn snake's tank and what i thought at first was a huge urate turned out to be 3 eggs, there are 7 in total. Only 3 look viable so we quickly whipped together a incubation yogurt container. I was deffinatly not expecting this at all, he who is now a she was in a tank with my son's snake, I seperated them once i had the space, (they were both rescues and not a planned purchase) funny thing is just before i seperated them i thought that they were fighting we'll now silly me knows what was really going on. My daughter is so happy but i told her not to worry if they don't hatch(who knows how long they were in the tank for) if not this year we will deffinatly try next year just had to share our exciting night.

Laura-Lee L
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Congrats!!!!!! Laura All you need is a female now for you carpet have them have some eggs for you as well

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congrats, you were probly shocked

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Make sure that the gal doesn't have egg bound~~
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I recently acquired a corn snake from someone. It apparently was never probed or anything, but the person I got it from is thinking it is a she. Can anyone tell me any ways to tell other than probing? The former owner also says the snake is "about" 2 years old. And judging by the length of the tank I have "her" in and how much space she takes up stretched out, I'm guessing about 30 inches long.
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Congrats on the eggs - the mis-sexing of snakes is something I think almost everyone on this list has experienced! Hope your little female has laid all she has in her and recovers well. Best of luck with hatching the eggs.

Lisa - Probing is definately the most accurate means of sexing (other than having a snake lay egs - that pretty much confirms it!). Popping is accurate with babies, but she is too big now.

If you can post photos of her tail - one taken from underneath and one from the side, from the vent to the tail tip - we should be able to give a good guess. The tail of a male is longer and doesn't taper as rapidly after the vent. There are some good comparison pictures in Kathy Love's book The Cornsnake Manual.

mary v.
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Brandon Now with the summer job i scored i am deffinatly gonna be looking for a female for the carpet .

Thanks everyone we were very suprised. Deffinatly not something i was at all expecting. Simon I cheacked her out and it makes it much easier as her belly is all white and slightly translucent, no other eggs to be found. I hope for my daughter's sake we at least hatch out one. If not ahh well we will deffinatly try again now that we know she does so well. My only question is i know she is young i would of waited until next year for her to have babies. I'm a lil worried that she was too young is there any damage that can be done, by her having laid at such a young age ? (I 'm not sure how old she is I'm guessing approx 2 and a half but she is on the smaller side as she was a rescue and very thin when we acquired her.)

Laura-Lee L

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