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Well, I work in insurance, so I just called up my underwriter and asked her what the deal was. I told her I had a few thousand dollars in snakes, etc, and was hoping to get a few animals in the $2000 range to add. She was a bit wary about the idea of snakes, but I told her they were all small, none that could hurt people. (They are.) I don't know what would happen if I had retics!

Anyways, the policy does not exclude pets, except in the case of loss due to theft. And so she says we'd be considering my animals pets. But I did expressly write on my application for insurance which animals I had, and wrote right on there that they are non-venomous and all small sized.

So... don't know if this is helpful or not.

I would always prefer to look for a company that will provide coverage, knowing I have the animals, though. Because I'd hate to have a claim denied because I withheld material information.

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I gave them the same information, All I have are Ball pythons and King snakes, I was thinking about a BCI but if this is the hassle I'm going to have to go through I might reconsider.

But every insurance company I phoned I told them they won't grow over 6 feet, most likely will be 4 feet as adults, they are caged, they are non venomous, and are docile. Still got the same crap, that it was too much of a risk. I'm not even against paying a premium more costly then usual to keep them but I can't even get that far. I asked if they could send a adjuster to examine my setup to make sure they are secure, I'm trying to make every concession for these F**king people and not one of them will even consider me just because I have a snake. The ignorance and prejudice is really annoying. I have a dog, a beagle, and my dog has a greater chance of hurting someone then any of my snakes will ever have just because of the fact the dog will be allowed to free roam in my backyard and will be out in public, on a leash but still. There is a better chance of my dog biting someone then there is of my snakes hurting anyone, yet they can't see that. It's extremely frustrating.
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