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Join Date: Jun-2004
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Age: 34
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Talking Your ideal pet list.

This is your mission: Pick out ten pets, whether they be birds, herps, dogs, fish, cats, inverts. Your top ten list. Now, we're not really looking for a quantity of how many you would keep. Just which ones would you keep with a brief to however-long-you-want explanation as to why you would keep that specific animal.

Five or more responses and I'll post mine.
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Join Date: Mar-2004
Location: Saginaw, MI
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I'll bite....these are in order of preference:

1. Tarantulas (I'm obsessed, currently have 73. They take up very little space, little effort, and little money.)

2. Snakes (No walking, housebreaking, interesting animals)

3. Horses (Up until 3 years ago, my family bred and showed Arabian horses. At one point we had around 24. Grace and beauty.)

4. Dogs (Man's best friend, right? Unconditional love. I prefer English mastiffs.).

5. Cats (Curiosity, grace, and just a touch of aloofness. Except mine, who follows me from room to room).

6. Ferrets (Who can resist an animal with as much playfulness as a ferret? These guys are awesome!)

7. Cockatoo (These guys are almost like people in a feathered costume. So outgoing and beautiful, yet with a touch of wildness about them.)

8. Monitor lizard (Prefer Argus and Peach throats. I find them fascinating, just don't have the space for one at the moment).

9. Skunk (Yes, I said skunk! From what I hear, skunks make great pets. They're similar to cats, but a little more troublesome. They like to climb on everything. Plus they come in so many colors!)

10. Fish (I've had fish before, but have never been very good with them. I'd like to have an Oscar some day though).

Jungle carpet, Coastal carpet, a cat, 2 frogs, 7 scorpions, and 98 tarantulas.
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Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
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My number one would be dogs. I can't live without a dog in my life. They are wonderful friends and companions, and the best teachers on earth for us humans. My life would be empty without my dog.
Next on my list would be herps. I just love them. I don't want a whole house full of herps. Just my chosen few to care for and enjoy.
I have cats in my home, but not being a "cat person" I do not feel that I need to have cats in my life. Although I do love them, when they pass through the rainbow bridge I doubt I would adopt any more cats.
I can't fill out a top ten list. Because I think if I had a choice it would just be me, dogs, and
Though I guess I could add rats to the bottom of this list. They are very friendly and entertaining pets.
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Join Date: Feb-2004
Location: London Ont.
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My number one is deffinatly snakes, donno what it is about them but they are just #1 in my book and always have been, next would be dogs then parrots, lizards, cats, and thats it for me.
Transform & Roll Out!
1.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons, 0.1 Het Albino Boa, 0.1 African Rock Python
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Join Date: Jul-2003
Location: Kansas
Age: 34
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Ok, if I had the time, money, and space!

1.) All kinds of snakes, from anacondas (yes, I think they are georgeous) to the smallest snake in the world (excluding hots!)

2.) Horses, any and all kinds, though my faves have to be buckskins/paints/and clydsdales (sp?)

3.) Dogs, from great danes to chihuahuas lol

4.) I love the big cats (No, not tigers and such) but maine coons, and norweign forest cats.

5.) Would love to get into medium/small parrots, but more of a rescue than go out and buy from a breeder/petstore.

6.) Sulcatta tort! I just love them, don't know why. I know they get big enough to take out the foundation of your house, but like I said, only if I had the time money and space!

7.) Don't know if it's a pet or not, but my very own vet! lol, someone that I can call on at 3 am if something don't seem right with one of my animals! And has skills/training for all my pets needs. lol

8.) And I know it is typical (maybe?) But one of the smaller croc/alligator species (never done research so not sure on what that is)

9.) Ferrets, I love them, they are like furry, snakes with legs. lol

10.) A large pond with lots of Koi fish, res, and maybe the occasional alligator snapper (they look SO weird!)

and I would also like for "My Place" to be a rescue for all those animals and more.

Hey one can dream. right, lol
The Mischief:
Neptune, Zion, Enigma,

Mischief~ Hamster
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Join Date: Oct-2003
Location: Evansville,In
Age: 52
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#1 Dogs (love em! I've had dogs in my life since I was 8 and begged my Mom to let me keep one, I don't know if I could be without a dog)

#2 Reptiles (tried going without them for a while, but I missed them too bad)

#3 Horses (I have always wanted one, never had a place to keep one. If I get a chance to be around them I am a very happy person!)

#4 Parrots ( Very interactive and social, used to raise and handfeed several different kinds but it got overwhelming. I miss them)

#5 Rats ( Odd for a reptile person but I love them. We always seem to have a pet rat, makes it hard to feed off the others)

#6 Cats ( would probably have one now if it wasn't for the dog (and BF) not liking them)

# 7 Fish ( It's so relaxing to watch them)

#8 Ferrets (never had one but I would like to, they seem so playful)

#9 Tarantulas ( We have quite a few, they really belong to my BF. I'm starting to get kind of fond of them )

#10 Turtles or Tortoises ( don't have any, but would like to give them a try)

I guess there isn't a lot of animals I don't like
1.4 Ball Pythons,1.1 Greybanded Kings,1.1 Cal Kings,1.1 Brooksi, 0.1 Goini,2.1 Striped Motley Corns, 1.1 Normal Corns, 1.0 Ghost Motley Corn,0.2 Anery Corns, 0.1 Emoryi x Corn, 2.1 Western Hognose,1.1 Leucistic Texas Rats, 1.1 Mexican Black Kings
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: Richmond VA
Age: 48
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1. Snakes- by far the easiest pet to keep once you get the caging requirements cared for. Quiet, feed once a week, clean once a week (maybe twice), check water bowels every other day, and no allergies.
2. Cats- can handle a couple days left at home alone. They are entertaining (though occasionally destructive), loving, beautiful creatures with a mind of their own.
3. Fish- the fun is in observing them. Again, once you get the tank stablized, just feed and do water changes regularly.
4. Lizards- you must get the caging right or you're in for problems. Most require daily or every other day feeding. Some can be very personable and do seem to recognize their keepers. Entertaining to watch.
5. Parrots- I love them but I can't keep them due to my travel for work. Need daily attention! Varieties of food, toys, time out of the cage, lots of interaction or they go psycho.
6. Ferrets- neat critters but need more attention than I think most get. Can be hard to housebreak and require baths to cut down on the funky smell. Must be closely monitored while out of their cage because they go looking for trouble.
7. Birds (Non-parrots because they have different requirements)- I've kept various birds like finches, quail, small song birds etc... and though they don't require the personally interaction that parrots do, they can be entertaining to observe and the ones that sing add that to your home. Nothing like a quail crowing at 3 in the morning in an urban apartment to confuse the neighbors.
8. Rats, Rabbits, other small furry animals- can be good pets. I've enjoyed keeping rabbits in the past and rats are pretty smart for a rodent. I really don't like hamsters or guinea pigs though, just a personal preference.
9. Turtles and tortoises- aquatic turtles require clean water and so a powerful filtration system and regular water changes are a must. Tortoises live a very long time and I'm not willing to commit to an animal that may out live me.
10. Dogs- so why are these at the bottom of my list? I love dogs, especially the big ones, and I've seen way too many mistreated. I just don't think a lot of the people who get dogs should have dogs. In my opinion, a dog is like a child that requires nearly constant social interaction. People get certain types of dogs for reasons like protection of property and for social status. I wish there were a qualifying test for people considering getting a dog. Breaks my heart to see a pitbull or a rottweiler on a chain in someone's back yard.
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: Richmond VA
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Whoops sorry for the double post- don't know what caused that.

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Location: England,notts
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1. A dragon, that would be sooo cool, i would get on his back every morning and fly to school! yay!

2.Griffin, id cuddle up with him at night and go to sleep, and get him to lay me golden eggs so i can be rich(also ride him to school ((in case dragon is tierd))

3. A shire horse, cuz they are just too cool.

4. A BIG dog like a great dane, or a dobermen, or a rockwiler.

5. A parrot, so it could steal things for me, like when people take out money from the cash point, YOINK! .... then again already have the golden eggs...

6. I would have reptiles, but id go and visit them in the amazon( id get my dragon to fl me there)

7. I giant turtul to take me to un-known islands around the world.

9. Andddddddd im done, but if i wanted anything else id just get my parrot to steal it.....
1.1 ball pythons, 1.1 anmel corns, 1.0. collard lizards, 1.1 pastle B.C.I's . 4 tropical fishes
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1. Cats, I just love them, they are cute, and as long as you are feeding them what they want, they will love you forever.
2. Snakes, so much easier than most pets, that have to be fed daily
3. Lizards, they are interesting to watch, but have to be fed more than snakes, and lots need light
4. Black jaguars/ black leopards, they are so pretty!
5. clouded leopard, so pretty and, I think they are rare?
6. Gerbils I think it would be really cool to get a REALLY big cage, and put lots of gerbils in it, I miss my gerbils
7. Rats, I keep seeing rats everywhere (pet rats) I would love one, but it would have to live in my room... wiht the snakes
8. Dwarf rabbits, they seem calmer than bigger rabbits, but rabbits are really cute anyway!!
9. Dogs, I like them, I just don't think they like me!
10. A ring tailed lemur! I love them, I just don't think they would live in my house so well without messing everything up
"Is she not right, is she insane?"

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vanderkm's Avatar
Join Date: Mar-2002
Location: Regina, SK
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1. Snakes (non-venomous, non-giant) - fascinating, great genetics projects with short generation time and low maintenance.
2. Terriers - entertaining, challenging and high maintenance (badddd!).
3. Goldfish - weird varieties, interactive, relaxing, natural environments.
4. Koi - would be nice but not where it is this cold in the winter - retirement project.

No time for any other pets - have the greatest respect and admiration for parrots but absolutely know I would never have the time they need to be content and satisfied.

mary v.
Mary VanderKop
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Hmmm... tough question! I love all kinds of animals!

1. All species of uromastyx! Just fantastic animals. Herbivors!
2. Angolan python... rare and beautiful, not to big, unique bumpy scales.
3. Woma python... again, not too common, and beautiful!
4. Parrotlets... big parrot personality in a small package.
5. Tortoises... SO intelligent!!!
6. Cornish Rex (cat)... the sweetest, most personable type of cats there are!
7. Greyhound... I'd adopt one of these beautiful creatures!
8. Bearded Dragon... not a uro, but one great lizard.
9. Tiger Salamander... absolutely cool little amphibians, very sweet.
10. Roccoco Toads... these are huge, pretty toads, very cool!
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Rats, they should really be in same sex pairs (as pets). Nothing competes with a ratti friend to play with. As has been said before they are very intelligent animals.

as for the dwarf rabbits being nicer. Generally, they aren't! lol, they are usually, meaner and territorial (yes, they do get territorial(sp?) )

Go to any rabbit forum and ask! My little rabbit (the one in my avatar, she's a Blue silver martin) is a real "W" itch (exchange W with a B) lol and she DEFINITLY gets her way!
The Mischief:
Neptune, Zion, Enigma,

Mischief~ Hamster

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1. Burmese pythons ( I have 12. 8 adults)
2. Dogs (Hungarian kuvasz I have 5 bitc#es and 2 studs and 30 puppies)
3. Amarican aligators (I have 2 and a baby)
4. Linx (yes they are big cats I adopted 1 she is a sweetie)
5. Fish
6. alpacka (my family has a couple and they are great)
7. Nile monitors ( I have 6 adults they are the best Monitor I think)
8. Pot belly pigs ( we use to have one but he was old and died)
9. mojave rattle snake ( I love how there venom is both)
10. House cats. (We have some farm cats and a fat cat that stays in.

Here are my favorites but have lots more i love.
1.3 african rock pythons 2.7 burmese python 1.2 albino burmese pythons 1.1 green burms 1.1 granite burms 1.1 normal reticulating python 0.1 yellow anaconda 1.1 costal capret pythons 4.9 nile monitor 1.1 croc monitors 4.6 dwarf caimans 1.3 amarican aligator plus some others
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Location: Ontario, Canada
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In no particular order of preference....

1. A Sweet lookin Jag-morph carpet python
2. Angolan python
3. Tarantulas
4. An irish wolfhound
5. A Wombat ...yes a wombat!! they rock!
6. A Siberian husky
7. A Bengal cat.... allergic free!! yay!!
8. i already have these...but i love my arrowanas...
9. All my fish in the planted 120 gal tank
10. some kinda mid sized furry cute a ground squirrle/paraie dog/ground hog/ferret/skunk thing...
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