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Old 06-10-04, 05:31 PM   #16 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: nj
Age: 27
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1.lots of venomus and no giants
2. leopard geckos...lots of um
3. a couple beardies
4. some other herps.
5. a dog
6. mouse breeding for snake food(i dought this would be a pet)
7. rats for breedeing for food(once i agian i dont think these are pets
8.a cichlid tank(albino oscars)
9. koi
10. some rabbits
if something doesn't fit hit it with a hammer, if that doesn't work get a bigger hammer: Jesse James
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Join Date: Feb-2004
Location: St Catharines Ontario
Posts: 172
ok here it goes, these are in no particular order of preference, I love every animal I see, but being a university student limits the size of collection I can keep
1. crested geckos, I have 4 already, and no heat no light thing is great as long as your house is warm enough and there is natural ambient light
2. gargoyle gecko, i have 1 of these, love the blue, veiny eyes, same care as cresteds, just less social
3. cat, cause they are so curious, getting a kitten tomorrow
4. Bearded Dragon, great pets, have a pair
5. Amazon tree boa, love that curled-around-a-branch pose, although I have no snake exp, and probably never will
6. yellow lab or german sheperd (dogs), grew up with labs, but old age took the last one my parents had a couple of years ago. such great companions
7. oh man, this is getting hard now..... umm, some colourful fish in a BIG saltwater tank with choral and anemonies
8. sugar gliders, just because they are interesting
9. rhacodactylus leacianus (dont know the common name, figure that one out) same genus as cresteds and gargoyle geckos, but over a foot long
10. poison dart frogs, just for the colour, and to watch non-herpers faces when I tell them I keep poison dart frogs.
the pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple - O. Wilde
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Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
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Can't come up with 10 right now, but my vet has a Wallaby, and I think one of those would be awesome...
California Kingsnakes.
Honduran Milksnakes.
Black Milksnakes.
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Location: Mississauga, Ontario
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I only have three types of pets that really appeal to me

1) Snakes of all kinds( have always loved them something about them is very appeling to me)

2) Cats ( Very intellegent loving companions that semm to really understand there owners)

3) Husky( love there apperance and hyperness)
Kayla Young
1.2 Corns, 0.1 Ball python, 0.1.2 crested gecko's and 0.0.1 Bearded dragon
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Join Date: Jun-2004
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Age: 34
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1. Dogs - I'd have a whole big pack of 'em comprised of golden retrievers, german shepards, border collies (or border collies crossed with lab, either or), rotweilers, and great danes. And then something small and lap-dogish. Not sure what. Probably some mut that has like 5 different breeds in it... I absolutely love dogs. Had one almost all my life. (And in addition to all these dogs, someone to clean up after them. Scooping poop sucks, heh.)

2. Fish - I would have three different piranha tanks with three different types. One with a big mean rhom. One with a schoal of about 7 red bellies. And then a smaller tank with a gold spilo. I'd also want just some huge 90 gallon heavily planted tank with tiny things like cardinal tetras, etc. And maybe a couple big tanks full of African cichlids. I love my fish tanks I have and when I eventually get my own place they'll be built right into the walls.

2. Snakes - I would like to have a nice collection of ATBs. Immaculate ATBs of the best color that I could breed and use as classy show animals in nice set-ups. I would also get into the rarer Asian rat snakes. And of course, some corns. In addition, I'd also like to have a ball python or two; a nice pair. I think snakes are intriguing and simply would like the keep the species I adore most.

3. Bearded Dragons - A small colony with a bg, strapping, great gene-line male and some really nice females. I think beardies are adorable and incrediblt intelligent. Plus they also make good show animals as they're often out, posing and sunning themselves.

4. Shark - I'm listing this separate from fish because I don't think it's quite in the same category. Not quite sure which type. And I know they all need a few thousand gallons to be content. But still. How amazing would it be to have a huge tank as the centerpiece to your custom built home with a nice big lurking shark in it? Intriguing animals and so peaceful to watch.

5. Hardwicki Uromastyx - I just love these guys. I think their outwardly appearance is great and from the few times I've been able to interact with them (never owned one) they've come across as having great personalities.

6. Chameleon - Not sure which type. Nothing too fancy. But I think these are graceful, beautiful animals and would love to have one. Just one. I'd set it up with a nice big enclosure to live in with some nice plant work and let it have a great time.

7. I don't know what type of monkey they are... But when I was young, this pet store in my area out in BC had these TINY little monkeys that they kept in this fairly sizeable enclosure. They were SMALL to me then, so they must be tiny lil' suckers. Though I don't know anything but them, evidentally, I would definitely learn as they were so interesting and attentive and friendly. There was a sign warning people from sticking fingers through the bars of their enclosure, but when I did it, they licked my fingers.

8. Wolf - It just occurred to me that this doesn't count as a 'dog'. But it would be quite amazing to have one. Very different personality than most dogs. My mom knew someone who owned a third generation cb wolf and she was one of the most breath taking animals I have ever seen.

9. Cougar - I know, I know. Probably not the best idea in the world. But still, we're fantasizing here, right? So. I'm not a cat person. But. This would be the exception. When I lived in BC they were an issue... Now, I wouldn't keep it as a pet like I would, say, a dog. What I would probably like to do is have a sanctuary of some type where they can be provided for if circumstances did not allow them to return to the wild. Also some rehab and such in there. These are animals that should be treated with a lot of respect. And I would give it to them.

10. Pot Belly Pig - It could play with my little mutt lap dog. And they're cute and amusing. So why the heck not?
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Location: Eersel,Netherlands
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You could make your floor glass with underneath being a "tank". Then you could put a shark and anything else you wanted in it. That would be cool.

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.
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1 Snakes - Always have been a part of my life.
2 Monitors - mid-sized dinosaurs you can keep.
3 Prairie dogs - Just got em and love them
4 Serval cat - mid sized cat, on my wish list
5 Food for all of the above
6 pygmy hippopotamus - they look so neat.. if only elephants came in that size
7 Fruit bat - Always so facinating

thats all that I can think of really..
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OK here is mine.

1. Ball Pythons all morphs but have to get a Pied some day!
2. Blood Pythons, love those matrix and ivories!
3. GTP's
4. Boas, Favs are surinam red tails or hog islands though, they have to have a really defined pattern, don't like the bleeding together of colors. Although the pastels like Niel has is awsome too. Gotta have a definate head on them not like rosy boas. No overgrown worms in my collection!! LOL.
5. Water Monitors, illegal here but such beautiful fascinating creatures!
6. Dogs, I love big dogs rotties and huskies in particular, DH has issues with large dogs though, and wants a chinese pug, I'm not fond of little dogs (wannabe dogs LOL).
7. Cats, I love ours but when she is gone we wont' get another one, I hate litter boxes and hairballs.
8. Rabbits, I love them and they are great feed for the bloods, I also eat rabbit, so they are a multipurpose pet. The originals are pets their offspring are food.
9. Horses, honestly my all time favorite animals and we are looking at getting 40 acres so I can have them!
10. Ferrets, so playful who can resist them, love the what's wrong with your cat question when you take them for walks!! LOL
Nita Hamilton
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... If you made your floor glass, wouldn't it break? And what if you dropped a bowling ball on the floor? (because so many of us carry bowling balls around the house for fun, but still! ) That would be sweet to have a fish floor though. Like, lay on your belly and wach the floor.
Tammy Rehbein
-You can search all day for something and never find it, only to see it in the most obvious of places after you've stopped looking.-
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It could be done so that it wouldn't break, even if you fired a gun at it. Not cost effective, though, and it would get scratched up over time. I had a customer once with a fish pond set into the second floor with a glass bottom so you could look up from the first floor into the koi pond. Pretty neat!

Jeff Hathaway
Sciensational Sssnakes!!
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Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canuckland
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1. A Raven - Very intelligent birds, and one of the few birds that I can actually stand.
2. A Vampire Bat - I need something creepy and bloodsucking aside from Invictus
3. Blackhead Python - Well, look at them!
4. Pastel Spider Ball - Same as the blackhead
5. A Rottweiler - I just love those dogs
6. A Siamese Cat - Really pretty cats, my fave breed
7. A ferret - I used to own one, they're a lot of fun
8. Arabian Horse(s) - I used to ride them, and absolutely love the breed
9. Black Panther - In my dreams, I know, but, I just love these big cats.
10. Piranha - Really cool fish
Erin Keller :eb:
Snakes: 2.1 Corns, 1.1 Kings, 1.0 Everglades Rat, 1.1 Spotted Pythons, 1.2 Children's Pythons, 1.2 BCIs Lizards: 0.2 Leopard Geckos, 1.3 Bibron Geckos Inverts: 2.1 Tarantulas, 0.1 Emporer Scorpion Mammals: 0.2 Kittens

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Location: Pulaski, Virginia
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1.albino Burmese Python(utter strength and beauty)
2.Green Tree Python(just amazing)
3.alligator snapping turtle(they're just cool looking)
4.Rhino Viper(yay! pretty)
5.pigmy cow(it's just cool to think about)
6.pigmy goat(also just cool to think about...i think i might let it live in my house...nevermind)
7.a female Brazilian Rainbow Boa
8.albino Nelson's milksnake
9.a giant saltwater crocodile
10.albino skunk(they're just i had to through one cute and cuddly in there)

there's my top 10 woot woo!
1.0 albino cali. king snake(Diego)1.0 0.0.1 Blue-Tongued Skink (Oz)1.0 western hoggie (Tiki)0.0.1 amel creamsicle corn (Leo)0.0.1

ssssoon to come...albino burmese python (2 days and counting)
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