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Old 06-08-04, 01:26 AM   #1 (permalink)
Join Date: Apr-2004
Location: K.L , MALAYSIA
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Unhappy lost my bp....need help

Hey guys....desperately need ur help. My bp has gone missing since 1 and a 1/2 weeks ago.checked my room and every other spot at home eg. heat sources but to no avail.funny thing is my bath was clogged when she dissappeared but it cleared up a couple of days ago.could my bp have gone in the water outlet?i doubt coz it's cemented and the gaps are extremely fine. (1/2 a centimetre apart. Pls help in any way.i feel so lost without my bp.
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Join Date: Apr-2004
Location: K.L , MALAYSIA
Age: 38
Posts: 7
guys...anyone with relevant info pls email me at coz i might not be on this site the whole time.the other is my work email.24/7 on that. thanx again.
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Look in warm dark places, Put out a dead rat in a small box if she is hungry she will go for it. Good luck

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Hey..I know the feeling. I put my friends retic on the kitchen floor to snap a pic. Before I knew it, it bolted under the kitchen cabinet. I had to leave for work, so within an hour my friend came over to look for it. He pulled the counter out, it was gone. He eventually found it behind the refrigerator coiled up on top of the motor. A lost snake ends up in the darndest of places. Good luck!! I'm sure it will turn up soon.
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The way i see it is that the snake gets cold(because he's not in his tank) so it goes to sleep for a while. Then if you wait 3-4 weeks they start to get really hungryand go on a wonder round.
Just make sure that the room he was last seen in has the door closed all the time.
Best of look to you! Just try and be patience
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Hye i lost my male bp he was abotu 2 feet long and was missin for almost 2 weeks i checked my room and dindt find him eventually when i was out oen nite my mom lol "found" him my sis had jsutw alked by it in teh darkw ith noticin my cat ran infront of my mom and stoped dead an started hissin my mom flicked on the lite na dthere he was sittin at the opining of the linen closet. my house had tons of hols he coulda got out side but i found him so dont give up they will come out of hiding . he is now back in his tank nice and safe.
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You'll probably find him, whether it's by looking or by 'accident'.

I lost my corn for 9 days, absolutely turned the house upside down, checked everywhere I could check (multiple times), left out food, heat, did the grocery bags along the walls and cornstarch for tracks thing.. nothing. After giving up for a while and then one night deciding I'll look again, I found her in the one spot I didn't get a good look into. We had an unused boombox sitting on the floor by her tank and stand - which I did check - however she was in the speaker the whole time I was lucky I even found her as it is very hard to see inside the thing, and impossible to take apart. She just happened to move her head near one of the gaps as I had my eyes there.

Was your snake due for a shed by any chance? I believe one of the reasons my snake did not leave her hiding spot for anything was because she was about to shed. Once she did (the very next day) she came out. Luckily I found her when I did or she could have moved to places unknown within the house.

Just do some searches and read everything you can on the subject, you're sure to get some tips. I know a lot of the things I've read about escaped ball pythons is that they don't tend to go far, even staying in the same room they escaped within. Snakes are very good at making themselves invisible so make sure you do a real good check, and it helps to think like a snake to get an idea of where it may have gone. They like to crawl along walls and not be out in the open (especially if you have other animals). Keep checking the warmest areas of the house as well.

Good luck!
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Join Date: Apr-2004
Location: K.L , MALAYSIA
Age: 38
Posts: 7
thanx to all of your least i have a new found hope in getting my bp back.and HeatherK,thanx for ur post.will certainly check my speakers and amps thoroughly again.have a few in my room.studied sound engineering.might even look in my HTS woofer.

oh heatherK,she was due for a shed.wat i'm really worried is that she might have gone down the water outlet in my bath.her tank is next to my bath.and to make matters worse,the bath got clooged everytime i took a shower and then a couple of days ago it was all ok.

my friend that sold me the bp is a breeder of king cobras and other snakes but he imports his bp's.could really use his help cos the 1st time she got out was a few months back and he was really calm when i told him about it.all he said was look under the pile of laundry.and guess wat?there she was.

but he is really busy with shows and his new farm that i cant even get a hold of i'm just holding my breath and keeping fingers and anything else crossed.i haven't tried leaving mice/rats around coz i've also got a persian cat and i dont want it gobbling up food left for my bp.

pls keep posting....really appreciate all the help and tips given. thanx again.
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maybe she'll come out if you put a live or dead rat in her cage, then when she gets hungry she'll come out. check her cage and around it everyday. Has she ever got out before? If so, where was she? If she did get out before, look in the same place you eound her before. Hope you find her.
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