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Originally posted by ReptiliansDOTca
The puck clearly crossed the line with further examinations of the replays .
It did??? Had it 'cleary' crossed the line, it would have been a goal.. The video replay judges view everything WHILE the play is going on, and had the video been conclusive, when the play was stopped, it would have been called a goal, and Calgary would have won.. HOWEVER, the ONLY angle they had that showed it 'over' the line, was from the FRONT of the net.. You can't possibly tell me that you can see the puck CROSS the line from that angle.. Notice there hasn't been any pics of it crossing the line from the TOP of the net?? (if there are, i've not seen them on the net or on any sports channels) The crossbar was blocking the puck, and from looking down, the crossbar, blocks the goal line.. It was a very close call, but it wasn't conclusive..

I think this series was ref'd very well on both sides.. Hits from behind are what killed Calgary in the long run.. And that last call on Ference, was clearly a highstick.. Which again, will be called everytime.. Calgary might not have won the cup, but they definatly won the respect of everyone in the league and that series was a great thing for hockey fans across the globe.. Hopefully they'll look at this years playoffs and come to a conclusion on the CBA very soon, could you imagine a year without this?? I mean honestly, what sports playoffs are more exciting then the NHL's? MLB??
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Well I'm definitely disappointed. I've been cheering for the flames (except when they play the leafs) since Gilmour was with them. I must say though, it was an exciting series and it was nice to see Dave hoist the mug last night.

I heard Flames fans had a bigger party last night than the Bolts... chanting stuff like "Flames in 9!" and "We're number two!" LOL very admirable.
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Sour grapes or not for the Calgary fans, the better team did win the Cup. Canada has what? 20% of the NHL teams, ergo, whether all the teams are filled with Canadian players or not, Canada has a 20% chance of winning the cup in any given year. We're pretty long overdue, dontcha' think?
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I mean honestly, what sports playoffs are more exciting then the NHL's? MLB??
Grey Cup. Without question. But the Stanley Cup Finals are fun too, I agree.
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Honestly can't say I'm bothered by the outcome one bit...

May have more to do with where I live though.

I hope all the local traitors feel sheepish when they take those flags off their cars today. That'll teach 'em.

Incredible run for Calgary, that's about all you'll get outta me.
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Yup... now it's time for CFL season. GO STAMPS GO!

I got this email, apparently posted on, and I thought I'd share:

<font color="red">I bought The Hockey News Season Preview this year. The expected finish position for the Flames 2003-04: 14th in the West. Well, we showed them.

We showed the naysayers by making the playoffs for the first time in 8 years. The Flames gave this city something to cheer for Ė to rally behind.
We let them know we were for real when we defeated Vancouver in the first round. The Calgary Flames take down the Northwest Division Champions.
We surprised a veteran Detroit team in the second round. Our Flames stand victorious over the Presidents Trophy winners.
We opened the eyes of the league when we took down San Jose in the third round. The boys in red defeat the Pacific Division champions and win the Western Conference.
Finally, we took the top team in the East to seven games before falling valiantly.

Now, what do we have to be ashamed of? Our C of Red and the Red Mile are known across the continent. Despite all the injuries and adversity, the Flames were 1 win away from hoisting the Stanley Cup.

So Iím sitting here in my Flames jersey, the day after our defeat, asking all Calgarians Ė donít take down your car flags! Letís show our pride for our boys for the weeks and months to come. They were never supposed to get this far, but theyíve given us an abundance of memories that wonít soon fade. </font>

Now that I did my rant in my previous post, I have to say this... I am a bandwagon jumper, I admit it. But I'm also a born and bred Calgarian. I have NEVER been prouder of that fact. Some would say that hockey is just a game, but let me tell you... after walking the red mile after game 3 and almost having blisters on my hands from high 5'ing about 4000 complete strangers, and after seeing an entire city practically painted red, I have to tell you, this is not just a game... it's a symbol of pride. I haven't watched a hockey game in about 6 years, but the Flames have made a born again fan outta me.

- Ken LePage
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Great post, Ken.
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Invictus you sound like us leaf fans who constantly bitch nd whine about the reffing , if there ever was a canadian team that gets screwed by reffing its the leafs lol
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Well lets all hope there is hockey next year. Can't complain myself it was a great season, great playoffs, and a really great final series. I would have hoped for a different outcome(like the leafs winning the cup lol) but its done and I had fun watching it. And maybe it was a good thing for hockey having the Lighting win it in a town where hockey is probably the 5th or 6th most watched sport(I'm just guessing).
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I'll 2nd Ken's above post. Not only have the Flames rekindled the Hockey sprit, but ones faith in society as well. It was a truly amazing experience & definitely brought the community together with an overwhelming sense of pride for ones city & country. Its too bad that Stanley won't be as appreciated where he ended up. I wonder if I drive around honking my horn today if I'll get the smiles & waves or if it will go back to fingers & curses. Either way we had smiles & waves & much more for a couple of months & I'll remember the fun forever. Best part of the playoffs was partying with the Flames at Metallica. Next Year? Mark
P.S. 17th ave was kinda mellow last night only 1000's instead of 10's of 1000's DOH! Probably still kicked on Tampas party though ; )
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Congrats to Andreychuk, he deserved the Cup. Kudos to Calgary for playing such a fantastic playoff, and fighting their way all the way up to Game 7 of the Finals! Both teams deserved to win it equally, though there's only one winner.

One thing that I want changed in the NHL is Gary Bettman to be 'fired' and get someone else in there. Like Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, or (you're going to go crazy when I say this) Don Cherry. IMO anyone is better than Bettman.

Thank you Calgary for making Canada proud! *even more proud*

Those are my two cents...
David Liles
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Tampa Clearly deserved the cup...they played like champs...but one thing bugs me..... THE STANELY CUP IS A CANADIAN TRADITION.....and it will curently be located in Florida...doesnt sound rite at all

my two cents

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Ahhh yes, that hockey-crazed hot bed of southern Florida. LOL!
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At least you guys have a team to yell for or bitch about. I am a long-suffering Rangers fan! It is sort of funny to read the posts before game 6, then after game 7. Talk about a flip-flop of confidence... Anyway, let's all just hope we have a hockey season to gripe about next year.
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Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
Ahhh yes, that hockey-crazed hot bed of southern Florida. LOL!
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