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Animals have accents too

"To the untutored ear it might just sound like a load of quacking, but British researchers have discovered that the country's ducks, much like its people, have distinct regional accents."

Does that mean WC animals are made fun of by CB animals?

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Thats cool... i wonder how this affects domesticated animals.
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I've heard of a ground squirrels that have different accents. They also have a different language. When a rubber snake is put in with a mixed community of squirrel populations, the animals that don't know the "word" for snake from the look-out squirrel, they don't run away.
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Dolphins and whales have different dialects as well.

I don't know how effective they are at learning new dialects when dropped into a new environment though.
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Actually Orca's and Humpbacks are quite good at learning the new song to the new region or pod. They have also seen cases where the newcomer was able to swtich the established pod to it's own song. I don't know about dolphins thoguh.

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Kinda makes sense, kind of like if you were raised in a french speaking home, french would be your first language. And if you moved, you would have to adapt and learn to speak like wherever you went.

also, like the cop dogs that are brought over from germany and only takes commands in german.
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I want to get a parrot and for the first year of it's life all it will hear is pieces of movie dialogue played by Sam Jackson. Or maybe Snoop Dogg. lol! Now that's a dialect.
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Rabbits are kinda like that, if you take them away when they are 5-6 weeks old and keep them as a solitary rabbit and then try to introduce them to another rabbit they have no idea how to communicate with other rabbits, they have to learn again. But I think they adjust pretty easily from rabbit to rabbit.
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