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Spider Gecko:

That was actually my main concern here, in that I had two negative posts with me on the BOI. Actually, only one where I felt I was actually in the wrong, but that is another story, and myself and the individual in question are now associates.

But then I thought to myself, why should I let someone take advantage of me, because of a mistake I made and already paid for? And paid for in a big way. People make mistakes, and the biggest part about that is that they stand up to them and correct them, which I have done.

In this case however, I have every peice of documented information that I could possibly need. I will make a few quotes from chat logs (I have edited his name so that this post may remain):

[06:01:42 PM] David: i have a logo done and everything
[06:01:47 PM] David: its awesome
[06:01:58 PM] ******: can i see it?
[06:02:02 PM] David: of course
[06:03:09 PM] ****** is it up or do you need to send it through
[06:04:13 PM] Transfer of "bhlogo.jpg" is complete.
[06:05:37 PM] ******: Looks really cool
[06:05:41 PM] David: thanks
[06:05:59 PM] David: so whats going to happen here, can you still take the layout?
[06:06:26 PM] ******: well we need to figure out if we can work
something out
[06:06:35 PM] David: for sure
[06:06:39 PM] David: what did you have in mind
[06:07:47 PM] ******: i wanted to go with just (insert domain name here)
[06:07:56 PM] David: I can switch it to that as well
[06:07:59 PM] David: thast not a problem
[06:09:46 PM] ******: ok
[06:09:59 PM] David: either way, (insert domain name here) isnt a problem either
[06:10:34 PM] ******: cool
[06:10:58 PM] ******: the other problem is that I don't know how much i can afford
[06:11:50 PM] David: well I can be flexible here, I said (price of work here)?
[06:11:58 PM] ******: i believe so
[06:12:09 PM] David: well, you can pay (I said the number value of 50% of the total) now, we will put the site up
[06:12:15 PM] David: then i dont mind waiting a few months for the remainder
[06:12:19 PM] ******: i do know some html and i'm ok with front page and stuff, so i could probably do the maintanence
[06:12:35 PM] David: I wouldn't charge anything for maintenance if you needed assistance
[06:13:53 PM] ******: what if we make it an even (he said the price we discussed minus another $50.00)? I have $80 in my paypal account i could pay you now
[06:14:19 PM] David: We could do that, how long do you think until the remaining (remaining amount of money due after the $80.00) is paid?
[06:15:01 PM] ******: i could do it within 3 months
[06:15:04 PM] ******: probably sooner
[06:15:31 PM] ******: i'm listing some stuff on ebay soon, so I can just send you the money when the auctions end
[06:17:27 PM] ******: what do you think?
[06:22:08 PM] ******: you there?
[06:29:26 PM] David: hey sorry
[06:29:31 PM] David: thats fine.
[06:29:38 PM] David: As long as it isnt a century of waiting, you know
[06:29:50 PM] ******: don't worry
[06:30:08 PM] David: ok thats fine then
None the less, as you see it was finalized, and the money was sent. As you can see, I was extremely compliant and considerate. I did not have to lower the price, cut him a deal, or accept payment plans, as this is not what we discussed in PM's through this site. I did however, and now this is what I am given in return.
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There is a lot of stuff I want to say but I think most of it is appropriate for the BOI and not here. So I will tread carefully.

I think you are in the right about the current deal. I think the money he gave you is yours and that you are probably entitled to the entire amount you agreed upon. However, after reading the BOI, he may have truly thought he shouldn't trust you. That is his entitlement.

Strictly my opinion: I think returning the money to him is only a case of good business sense, only because this young guy now has a new forum he can vent on about you. Whether the entire readership of the BOI agrees with you and thinks hes a big loser, it's YOU who has another mark on your record of an unhappy customer. It doesn't matter if things clear up or not. Bringing the question here also allows a larger number of people to read the BOI they may never have known existed. More people see your name with a slight negative.

I don't think your a bad guy. You're probably really nice. I don't even know you (I don't think) but reading something negative about someone only makes people leary. You need to get some good reviews on the BOI about you. It might take 10 or more to recover and that might mean 100 or more "crow eating" sessions on your part to get those 10. You might start by returning the money then asking the guy to post on the BOI that you're a good guy and are willing to return deposits/prepayment at the drop of a dime.

Ask yourself if the $80 + work is really worth that mark against you on the BOI (and even here for those ssnakes members reading the BOI). As I said, it's all my opinion. It is something I would do to save face. You may feel differently but I'm sure whatever choice you make is going to be the right one.

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Mike, if I had anything to hide I wouldn't have posted here, and I wouldn't have mentioned the BOI. Also, I know exactly what you are saying, hence why I was considering returning the money in the first place. I see exactly what you are saying, however unforunately it is generally the bad posts that are posted.

A lot of members who have been here for a while know I have a good reputation in regards to webdesigns, for working quickly and getting the job done. Of course, in every batch of apples, there is a bad one or two. I would love for the Canadian BOI to expand, that would be fantastic. It is an incredible source that unforunately isn't taken advantage of, for the most part, in the Canadian side.
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Let me go to the booze store, buy a 40 oz, trip in the parking lot, break the bottle, then demand a refund from the booze store...

Keep the cash, you provided a service.
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