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Old 09-27-02, 03:01 PM   #61 (permalink)
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Is anyone here a musician?

I am a singer/songwriter. I play guitar, piano, harmonica and sing. I was in a band for 5 years. We did ok. We put out a cd in 1998 which was produced my the guy behind Chantal Kreviazuk and McMaster and James. We kinda sounded like U2, Counting Crows and early Radiohead.

Just wanted to see if anyone else here plays anything.
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Has anyone here ever heard of DOWN ?. It's Phil Anselma's new band. They are definately worth checking out if you don't know about them. If you like Pantera you will like DOWN.
Know one has mentioned Canibal Corpse or Six Feet under why is that?
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Old 09-27-02, 11:19 PM   #64 (permalink)
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Oh yeah, punk rock.

5. Ramones
4.Dropkick Murpheys
3.Tiger Army (not punk, more psychobilly...)
and the best band ever...

Nothing better than good old punk rock.
Dan Conner
Check out my friends band... The vendors! Alternative/pop-punk.
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Old 09-27-02, 11:33 PM   #65 (permalink)
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POWERMAN 5000! they kick.

also, if you like like megadeth, ac/dc, and other classic metal/rock bands like that, try moneyshot ( They are punk/metal/blues influenced rock... really good, and talented.

also, for a light punk/rockabilly band that sound REALLY funky, try tiger army, they apeal to most people, they have good lyrics, good style, they arn't offensive, and write surprisingly good love songs. (

AND YES! slipknot and korn suck, bunch of rich pretty boys who try to seem all sad. Boohoo, nobodly likes me, everybody hates me, I think i'll do some crappy wannabe loser metal (or is that I think I'll go eat worms... lol)
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful!
Check out my friends band... The vendors! Alternative/pop-punk.
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1. Kid Rock
2. Eminem.
3. Offspring

Best of all time......AC/DC!!!!
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1. Rhapsody (italian epic metal band)
2. Diana Krall
3. Danny Elfman
4. Children of Bodom

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Old 09-28-02, 11:28 AM   #68 (permalink)
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Thumbs down okay...I just noticed this...

>1. Tragically Hip- will be around for years!
>2. Tea Party- Jeff Martin is the greatest musician we've ever had!
>3. Big Sugar- Just great tunes, constantly
>4. Barenaked Ladies- Better now they are more serious

Barenaked Ladies? Blech!
I still can't believe Wide Mouth Mason didn't make the list...has ANYONE listened to them before? Not only do the play GREAT music but they put on one hell of a show (saw them live in Kingston this summer, it was THE BEST show)
Alright, for those of you that haven't heard (of) them here's a link to their fan network site which has a clip of one of their songs in a flash animation intro (so if you don't have flash it won't work)
"Smile" by Wide Mouth Mason

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Old 09-28-02, 11:31 AM   #69 (permalink)
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Here's another one...has anyone ever heard of Lili Fatale? A very good "Quebecois" band...anyone?
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1. Frank Zappa
- Steve Vai
- Joe satriani
- Pink Floyd
- Genesis
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Ok, my first attempt at posting...lets hope I get this right.

1. Bright Eyes
2. Ani Difranco (not really a band but I don't listen to many bands)
3. Eliott Smith (again...not really a band blah blah..)

Best band...Bright Eyes, nothing gets better that an guy screaming his heart out to emotional lyrics.
"Its a shame we sell our lives for minimum wage but at least we get free drinks!"
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1. Metallica
2. Metallica
3. Metallica

Oh yea and some Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Rainbow.

The Herp Room

"The day I tried to live, I wallowed in the blood and mud with all the other pigs" - C. Cornell
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Old 10-04-02, 03:45 PM   #73 (permalink)
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Location: davis,ca
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the best has to be

1. Charlie Daniels
2. Johnny Cash
3. Willie
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Old 01-06-03, 11:23 PM   #74 (permalink)
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Lets get this post back on the road

1 Smashing Pumpkins
2 Nirvana
3 pearl jam
4 janis joplin
5 the doors
6 Aerosmith
8 Led Zeppelin
9 Bob Marley
10 Bowling for Soup
11 Ramnstien
12 Cradle of Filth
13 Dimmur Borgir
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Right now I am listening to

Best singer of all time:
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