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I'm going to have to put my vote out for Roy as well. Not only has he done amazing work with reptiles, he is an amazing person. Never hesitant to give you a page long answer to a question, so that you understand the "why". Never made a beginner feel inadequate.

Yep I would definately enjoy sitting at his feet listening to him talk about his time with reptiles.
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STOCKWELL....although not in canada i think roy is definelty #1 no just because he is a great breeder but because he pionered the herps and discovered what to do by experimenting. now all we have to do is go to google or go to the library and there is information.

and.. lets not forget simon fung. he did afterall produce the albino rosy boas:-)
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Honerable menthion goes to Neil Meister. Who amoung us is writting articles for Reptiles Magazine.
To those of you who mentioned how Roy goes the extra mile to help up and comers and newbies, you're absolutely right. Roy is not about keeping secrets.
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i think Roy Stockwell is it. he has done a great job with so many different species of herps, its almost hard to imagine how many things he has bred and worked with. Don Patterson I have never talked to personally, but i have heard good things.

Jordan David M.

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Old 05-27-04, 07:22 PM   #20 (permalink)
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and lets not forget Tom Huff <?sp>. I recieved a sexed pair of Anacondas and E.C.Crassus in the late 80's fom the Reptile Breeding Foundation, and they were "Cherry" examples of herps that were not very common at the time in the herp market.

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Roy and Don for sure. No question.
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Roy has been there for me from the start with advice and pointers when i needed a helping hand. I've seen him pass his words of wisdom to many here at this site. I can't say i know Don very well unfortunately so i have to sway in Roy's direction for this.
Although. When you think about it. Everyone on this site are the greatest. Without the firendly conversation(most of the time lol) and passage of information given by all. We would all be in the dark.
Congratulations to everyone.
ChristinaM: i know what you mean.
My honorable mention goes to Simon. You are a brave man to have so many corns as well as other snakes and personally spend so much time and energy keeping all your customers happy. Hats off to you.


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I'd have to say Roy too, and give an honourable mention to Kenny. Ken, though not as prolific as Roy or Don, was certainly an old-time herper and I definitely appreciate his contribution to the hobby. What can I say about Roy? Well, everyone knows his tagline: "celebrating 25 years of herp breeding" so he's certainly been around for a while. Roy is definitely a pioneer in this hobby and is a hell of a good guy (on the boards and in person).
I don't know enough about Don to say anything meaningful.
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The late Tom Huff had 26 WORLD'S FIRST captive breedings under his belt. He pioneered Boid breeding and coined the word Herpetoculture. He produced hundreds of rare insular Boas, not the least of which were over 600 Jamaican boas, where all existing bloodlines started. Overall he bred dozens and dozens of species, and taught a lot of us herpers, and the general public about herps, their care, and conservation.

No one even comes close. Period.

Rest in peace Tom - your memory lives on and on

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I agree with cerastes, its not even close. Tom really did achieve alot with reptiles in his lifetime. Especially since he did it mostly for conservation reasons. When I was getting started in the early 90's alot of the decent herp books I read always had references to his pioneering work in there somewhere. But thanks for the kind words and I wish everyone a successful herp producing year.
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Old 05-28-04, 05:46 PM   #26 (permalink)
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I would think that being an 'accomplished' breeder isn't an automatic title bestowed on someone who breeds high-end or rare animals. To me, it signifies someone who is not only successful with hard to breed animals, but also works with the 'underdog' species - the ones which most people don't bother with. There are two people I can think of who fit the description, Unkie Roy and Neil Meister. They've both shown dedication to breeding by working with 'impossible' species. They both contributed immensely to the knowledge database of reptile breeding. What they went through to get those first hatchling Schneider Skinks, or U Phantasticus shows dedication that many (or even most) of us 'breeders' don't have. They stuck with it even though the odds were against them. They'll probably never recoup the time and money spent of their various breeding projects, and years of failure didn't stop them. Yet they both happily helped the rest of us with our questions, willingly revealing their 'trade secrets' of success.
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Don Patterson all the way. He has the best quality stock I have ever seen. I have dealt alot with Don and i can say this from experience...... "quality reptiles...... quality service..... hands down" !
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Oops. Sorry too much of a snake person! Neil Meister definitely is worthy of mention too. One of them people who have really put the effort into establishing and breeding neat species. Another asset to Canadian herpetoculture.

I wish I had been around during Huff's days. Seems like quite a person.
The Herp Room

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The late Tom Huff had 26 WORLD'S FIRST captive breedings under his belt. He pioneered Boid breeding and coined the word Herpetoculture. He produced hundreds of rare insular Boas, not the least of which were over 600 Jamaican boas, where all existing bloodlines started. Overall he bred dozens and dozens of species, and taught a lot of us herpers, and the general public about herps, their care, and conservation.
Yup, he may not have been the most profitable, but was a great guy, and his animals were amazing. Quality, not quantity. I think back then it was more about the challenge and conservation than the all mighty buck.

He is missed.

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