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more bad jokes....

You cant get mad at me for 8 year old insisted I post them...
1.. Why is it when you drive down the road you always see a variety of road pizza but never a crow?

......because there is always another close by screaming CA CA!!

2...There is a 747 loaded with tourists flying over remote islands and it crashes. Out of the 245 people aboard, there are only three survivors. The first is a super model, the second is a very wealthy female widow, and the third is a black lady that was actually a stow away.
The three woman grouped together, assess the situation and began scouring the island. After many hours of no luck they began losing hope of ever being rescued. Then all of a sudden, in the distance, you could here a faint hum of a rescue plane. The woman began to scramble to make sure that they are found. The first woman who was the super model found her make up kit and went to work cleaning herself up. The other two women asked, why are you putting makeup on for the rescue? And the model answered well the are going to rescue me first because I am the most beautiful. The millionaire widow scoured around the wreckage and dug out her belongings. The other two women asked why she had to have her belongings in hand for the rescue? And she answered well, with all this money to offer, they will rescue me first. The black woman, with no looks or money to offer stared down at the ground when all of a sudden whe took off into the mangled airplane. She climbed into the cockpit, smashed out the window, pulled her pants down, and stuck her butt as far out the window as she could and stayed there. The other two women stood there is shock staring at what the black woman had done. They both neared her and asked her what the heck she was doing? The black woman responded, well, I have no money, and I am not beautiful, but they always look for the black box first!!
Like I said,.......these are my eight year old's
3...There is a Canadian, an American, and a Chinese man...they all decided to have a race to see whos camel would win the race up the hill without farting. The Canadian guy untied his camel and slapped his camels butt and off the camel went, only to make it 50 feet and out came the smelliest fart. Well, the American led his camel to the bottom of the hill, whispered a few words of encouragement into his camels ear, and slapped his camel on the butt. Of the camel ran, only to make it 100 feet and out came another horrid smell. The Chinese man, see how far these two had made it up the hill, and without haste released his camel. The camel flew up the hill without even giving off the slightest fart. Reaching the top the camel stopped and waiting for the three men to ascend. When they all reached the top, the American asked the Chinese man how he was able to get his camel to climb the entire hill without passing a single fart. Well, said the Chinese man, Me chinese, me no dumb, me rammed cork up camels bumb.....
See told you...LOL
4......what do you call a bunch of coloured people stranded at the top of a tree?

...........Pines coons.................Heehheeeee...this one got his suspended for two days.......heeheeeeee

And my favorite.......
What do you call Suddam Hussin with one wooden leg?
***** on a stick...
What do you call him with both wooden legs?
A waste of wood......

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those jokes are from an 8 year old...yikes..funny though
:joker:Ryan M.:joker:
im the master
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lol very funny
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That last one is the best! lol, $h!t on a stick, thats cute!
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