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McPatch 05-23-04 09:56 PM

Well I just witnessed the coolest birth I have ever seen....The birth of my son Denver.He weighed in at 8 ponds 8oz's.24 inchs long.I have now been up for 43 hours and think I may try to get a little shut eye now. Wooooo Hoooooo


Dani33 05-23-04 10:20 PM

Yay, congrats!!!!

Tim and Julie B 05-23-04 10:34 PM

That is awsome! Way to go Darren. Congrats!

Gillards 05-23-04 10:42 PM


Paul and Lorraine

Katt 05-23-04 11:00 PM

A total big congrats to you Darren!!!!!

Vanan 05-23-04 11:03 PM

Wow! Congrats big Daddy!

Jeff_Favelle 05-23-04 11:04 PM

Very cool! Congrats!!

nita 05-23-04 11:24 PM

Congrats Daddy!!! Not a better feeling in the world is there than seeing your child for the very first time!!

McPatch 05-23-04 11:40 PM

Thanks all.I'm still floored by it.So much so that I can't fall


Batdad 05-24-04 12:28 AM

The coolest thing you can be part of, especially the first time. Big Time Congratulations :)


Burium 05-24-04 02:27 AM

Congrats!!! That's just wonderful! Have fun with him.


foman 05-24-04 02:51 AM

Congrats, I have one due at the end of june.

KrokadilyanGuy3 05-24-04 03:15 AM

Awesome. Curious though, is 8lbs 24" a big baby or a about average?
Did you guy's name after someone or something?

McPatch 05-24-04 08:53 AM

We named him after my favorite football team..Denver Broncos.It started out as a joke and then kind of grew on us.The middle name we just picked at random off a baby name website 2 nights before he was answer the other question..I think he looks bigger than the other babies in the nursry

doenoe 05-24-04 09:05 AM

Totally wicked, congrats with the newborn. Have lotsa fun with him :D

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