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WALTER 05-22-04 12:19 AM

The Island of DR.Mo
I was at the island of DR.Mo's and seen some of the new breeding projects he is working on. I can post a few pics but for the sake of my life I can not post all the projects he is trying. This is one of the many "Cornballs" he is working on.:bugged:

He was also trying to make a quite rattle snake or one with more tail space for more rattles. But as you see this only lasted about 15 sec then figured it wont work, Oh well? :confused: :confused:

moperri 05-22-04 01:16 AM

Well at least you didn't give out the cobracorn project, Oh crap I let the snake out of the bag..

Invictus 05-22-04 02:25 AM

What about the Boelen Green project? (People from Kentucky are laughing their arses off at this one, trust me.)

m1k3_88 05-22-04 09:28 AM

where is this island of DR.MO? can some1 give me the website?

Syco 05-22-04 09:45 AM


Originally posted by Invictus
What about the Boelen Green project? (People from Kentucky are laughing their arses off at this one, trust me.)
LOL! Yeh, I'm from Kentucky :D

Vengeance 05-22-04 10:21 AM

Isn't this a bad idea? Mixing speceis?

Siretsap 05-22-04 10:31 AM

Well depends on what you intend to do with the hybrids... There are already a few on the market with cornsnakes, milksnakes and kingsnakes.

If you intend to put them back in the wild after, then you should be shot.

But if it's for your personal pleasure and intend on not selling them offspring or not reproducing them, then you can do it.

Don't forget, you are playing god when you do this.... use with carefulness... I wouln't do it, but if he ever ends up with something I would like to see pics.

Tim and Julie B 05-22-04 01:03 PM

Wow MO you've got your hands really full there! Sign me up for some Cobracorns K?!!!:D But don't let the snake out of the bag just yet, it may get loose.:D


Lrptls 05-22-04 01:17 PM

.....i dont see how corn balls can work....colubrids and pythons...mixing...i just dont see it, like a bird and a fish, maybe it will work, but i just dont see it happening, not just that they are in totaly different families and such but one lives in north america, one lives in africa, their housing needs are vering different, there sizes are different. but oh well, i dont even think it should be tried.

Bartman 05-22-04 01:49 PM

Is this a joke or

Siretsap 05-22-04 02:06 PM

Yep it is a joke,

But I am pretty sure something odd could work as long as it's the same type of birth (eggs vs live bearing).

gonesnakee 05-22-04 03:35 PM

I wasn't going to say anything, but what the heck. Wait until ya see my Diamond/Woma crosses when they hatch Heh Heh. I would like to bred them againest Mo's CornBalls or maybe an Albino Boa & see what I get. LOL ya right! Mark
P.S. Cool Avatar Walter speaking of Hybrids!

CHRISANDBOIDS14 05-22-04 04:43 PM


Have ya'll heard about my latest project? Im trying to giant size Kenyans! Im breeding my female kenyan to my male Colombian Boa. Hopefully she is not crushed in the process. Then I will try to breed the colombian boa out of the kenyan and end up with a 6ft kenyan!

I have to agree with Mark, you have a wonderful avatar Walter! Do you plan on bringing that one to the red-deer show?


Snakey Acres 05-22-04 05:10 PM

Hybrids can be fun allright.I crossed my berm with a french lop.Looked pretty cool but it kept chewing it's nails....and toes...and feet..........

WALTER 05-22-04 05:46 PM

The next project is a snow corn, has to be a male though. Crossed with a retic. We are hoping to get an all white retic to help the polar bear population in Churchill. These snakes would hide great in the snow to ambush the polar bear. Might have to add tail warmers so they don't get frost bite and have stumpy tails.

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