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I currently use a news service called XNEWS for most of the music + others. And I do agree that if I find an album I like I go out and pick up a copy to help support the artist. I like the idea of being able to try before you buy.
When I was younger I had a massive collection of Lp's( for the younger one's out there this was the media of choice for music back in the day, before cassettes Music was recorderd onto a vinyl disc that was about 14" in diameter, needed to be played on an turntable wth a needle) and hated going out and buying something to find out it sucked!
O' the wonderfull technology!
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I use Bear Share. Its simmilar to kazza in the way it works and i like it alot and have no no problems with it yet.
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WINMX here. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now. It's pretty cool. Fairly simple to use. Lots of options and custom settings for really tuning your connection...
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If a like the artist, I buy their cds. I mainly download live material from Kazaa.
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i find music from kazaa, and for some reason most of the music i like isnt in cd form (ie recorded at a party, not allowed to be realeased etc). I like almost every song i have heard but i hate the noise that comes out of their mouths, so i try and find the instrumental versions of them (seems very hard to find in music stores). If i find something i like i buy the cd (if there is one)...i have bought 2 cds......

i do searches like "music", "instrumental" to find new music, lots of crap and lots of half songs, but there are lots of good ones to make it worth while to me.
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i go to because i have dialup i hate downloading music because it takes so long.
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Used to use newsgroups myself, because they were always posting music I'd never heard of before and couldn't get my hands on. Now I get music from my brother, and if I like what I hear, I make the effort to find and buy it. I'll support the artist if I like the music, and if I don't like it, I don't keep it.
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Originally posted by Scotty Allen
I'd rather support the musician and buy the CD. If I like an artist, I usually want everything they do, not just one or two tunes.

i like all types of bands thanks to downloading all their albums, i go out and buy em. just like every other music fan. you can support them and download them. thats a single minded point of view. i have over 200 cd's in my collection, and i got into every single band by downloading, im young so i have grown up with the internet, and i believe the best way to get into bands or musicians is to hear their music first, am i wrong?
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I too would rather buy the Cd for a band that I really enjoy, for instance I have boughten 3 Sloan Cd's in the last week. But when I hear a cool song on the radio, I like to download it before I decide to buy the Cd.
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now i'm on dial up... slooooooooooooooow dial up.... so i don't download anything.
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