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I was in Canadian Tire today and found a 48" flouresant light that was named "Sunshine".It said full spectrum light on the box.It also says"simulates noonday summer sun,ideal for color critical areas.Now is this the same as a full spectrum i would buy in a pet store,and will i be able to use this on my geckos?The reason i ask is that it only costs around $7.huge price difference from pet store

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that full COLOR spectrum... it most likely does not emit UVB... is offline  
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Sorry Darren....

Those bulbs DO NOT produce UVA and UBV wavelengths! Unfortunately you have to go with the expensive pet store bulbs.


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suxs but true don't waste your time on them
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Not a waste of money....

True they do not emit any UV wavelengths, but they have excellent CRI and intensity. While Reptisun, Zoo Med, etc. flourescents have the UV rays - they aren't all that great in other respects. I buy dual fixtures for my herps - one for the UVB bulb and one for the "Sunshine" to help appetite and normal behaviors.

Now, whether or not your geckos need good CRI and intensity is another question. How many of you use UVB bulbs with nocturnal animals?

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i do on my leos
but just out of habit
i don't think it makes any difference
just my oppinion
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