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Join Date: Apr-2004
Location: Eersel,Netherlands
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I also can not swim in anything that has fish in it. I was bit a couple of summers ago by a Pike. Tried to snorkel by the shore in Mexico and I totally freaked when I saw a fish! Now you can all make fun of me. I'm scared of rabbits and fish!

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needles, i believe that i have a needle phobia. i can't see them or hear about them, sometimes i freak out so bad from just hearing about them i almost pass out. if they want to give me one at the doctors i start hyperventelating (sp) and crying my eyes out cause i'm freaking out so bad, can't even feel it though, its weird.

i'm also very scared of really fast wind, dark corners, shower curtains (cause i dont know whats behind them), fast tractor trailors and riding with my dad because cause he thinks hes in nascar.
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my fears are heights,fast moving water ( the idea of drowning doesn't sit well with me),being electricuted ( it sucks when your dad turns off the wrong curcuit breaker) and spiders,no problem playing with a 20 foot python but put a spider on me and i am outta there.
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i'm afraid of pitch black darkness, and being alone somwhere dark, and the unknown, ie ghosts
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actually I said 5 snakes, 1 cat, 3 dogs, thats 9 animals. Plus we have a pet rabbit, and 3 pet rats. so that makes it 13, which is about the only odd number I like. lol
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Location: Toronto, Ontario
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ive got a BIG *** fear of water...many bad experiences made that one...and im also affriad of getting better at overcomming it but i still get worried

I used to be affraid of spiders, but slowely after getting into this hobby and handling crickets and all that crap, im not scared of a lot of bugs now..just big *** spiders like the ones people keep..turantulas and things like that but little bugs im fine with.
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Jamie, good thing you didn't live in canada otherwise you wouldn't be driving for a good long portion of the year.

I dont know if its a fear but I can't stand the sound or feel of styrofoam. Its ridiculous, I dont know where it came from. I think I would go clinically insane if I were forced to listen to two pieces of styrofoam being rubbed together.
Other than that claustrophobia(sp?) is probably my biggest fear
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Let's see... spiders (one of the few things I actually have nightmares about... lol). Pitch black darkness -- if I can see anything at all, I'm fine... but if I can't even see my hand in front of my face, I freak. And... ladders. LOL. I'm ok with heights, but climbing up ladders (well, tall ladders) freaks me out.
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Location: Ontario
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Airplane washrooms...UGH!!
I mean, I can still use them and everything -- I think it's the flush part! (That and the tiny space, as I do have a bit of claustrophobia...) But seriously, before I hit that flusher, I have to make sure that the door is open so I can bolt!
Yes, I know it's ridiculous...but it doesn't stop me from flying, so I'm not too concerned!!
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well, lots of people say that they are afraid of heights.. me, i'm not afraid of heights, i'm afraid of FALLING from them!
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Old 05-10-04, 10:30 PM   #26 (permalink)
Join Date: Sep-2003
Location: Fort McMurray, AB
Age: 45
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I have this nagging fear about being impaled by a stick in the middle of nowhere during a mountian bike wipe out. I have a 4" scar/stretch mark where I caught a stick in the chest a few years ago.

Maybe Ive just seen too many war movies with sucking chest woonds
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Join Date: Oct-2003
Location: Edmonton, AB
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Im afraid of being near fast moving trains! LOL. Yes, you can laugh at me all you want, but, sometimes, when I think about how much my life sucks(I get depressed often) I will start daydreaming alot, then after awhile all my daydreams start turning into trains comming at me at like 1000KM/H and then right before they hit me I shudder and they're gone, then 20 seconds later it happens again. I hate it. Im also afraid trains are going to derail on turns and stuff. I have still riden on trains and things like that and when I get to drive going far away places, I race trains(like on an 80 rode i will go 90 to pass the thing!) but those are straight and I make sure there is no one else for a couple Km's. So it just depends. Im also, somewhat like derrick, afraid of falling off my 8-15ft above ground suspended mountain biking/unicycling track. Yes I unicycle, you can all laugh at me but im pro! How many of you can ride off a 4 foot drop on your bikes? Ok some of you, now try riding a unicycle. Mine is a trials unicycle so its got a bigger tire than a mountain bike though. I can also ride on a chain of picnic tables and then jump a 2-3 foot gap. I can hop around and do a 180 and 270(haha what a loser, hey im still working on my 360)! I've got about 10 acres of tracks and stuff. Its fun! It cost money to build though! LOL. So anyways, I dont want to fall off some of the boardwalks I build at my acreage because there are so many trees and I dont want to lose my important reproductory organs or break my back! LOL.

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Bee's I am terrified of them mind you I am alergic so bee's = death for me, Fire is another for me, not fire itself just dying in it.... I watched a show one time about how you die in a fire bones breaking from the heat and stuff.

ah well
"Only through education do we teach the ignorant that which we love is not evil but wonderous"....

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Well, i mentioned heights, but i guess i'll mention my 'animal' fears..

Bears: no idea why, i have never seen one in the wild, but if i ever did, i dunno what i would do..

Sharks: Again, never had an altercation with one, but being out on the ocean, all i can think about is scenes from Jaws and Wildboyz (the one with the Great Whites attacking the seals)..
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Originally posted by ChokeOnSmoke
Jamie, good thing you didn't live in canada otherwise you wouldn't be driving for a good long portion of the year.

I want to move to arizona so i dont' have to deal with snow at all!!!! I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing snow again. I do love when it snows, i just freak thinking about driving in it.
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