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The major threat here is that this will give them weight for more laws against reptiles.

It seems that we sit back and do nothing, or resort to hiding what herps we do have, instead of fighting and educating the people who would like to see all of our pets put down!

There's alot of people on ssnakess..... there must be something we can do other than being upset on a forum board????

My Mother used to be the head secratary of the OSPCA, she'll be on the phone with them as of 10 minutes from now when I tell her what happened....... hopefully i'll have a way in that way.

Any other suggestions on what we can do? If I get any phone numbers, etc, i will post them here to contact.

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If I know the people in question, only due to the wallaby reference..... Iam sure they're good people, but they seem pretty overloaded with animals, and from what I saw some were lacking. Wether they mean to do it or not, the animals deserve to be kept 110%.. So unfortunatly, I'am on the SPCA's side here.
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What you say is true, those who do take care of their reptiles shouldn't have to hide them. Most people, and i mean MOST dont take care of their animals, and leave them in deplorable conditions. Its a very select few that take the time to make sure they can properly care for their animals before purchasing them.

Its a big damn game of show and tell with most,"Look at my snake, isnt it coooooool?" What an idiotic excuse to get any pet, espeacially a snake. To show off.

Iam very into monitor lizards. Iam no expert with them, but I do my best to care for them. I keep Blackthroats as alot of people know, and they're kept in 10 and 12 foot pens! I have thousands of pounds of dirt that I've brought in so my 6 footers can still burrow and do whats natural. My point is, anything short of what they are use to, is unacceptable... If you cant keep a big cage, supply a good and healthy food source etc, dont get it. Ive even gotten rid of animals due to the fact that I've felt they werent being cared for entirely. I love turtles, and caimens but they dont fit into my schedule, nor my daily cleaning routine, so I GAVE them away to a friend that is more oriented with that kinda of maintenance....So, iam not trying to sound all mighty, as its happend to me as well, where I wasnt caring properly for something.. But I knew when to pack it in and put the animals first........
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I agree with Marisa.

JustinO: I would like to know of something we all could do to make a difference aswell.

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Thankfully our SPCA has a place to send their reptiles, they come to ERAS and our wonderful reptile rescue run by Neil and Michelle(members here). I believe that with their own and the rescues that they have they are around the 110 animal mark and they also have to occasionally put people on a waiting list to find homes for their now unwanted reptiles. I must say I'm also thankfull that every 12 yr old cant' walk out and buy a burm or retic here, we are always overrun with Iguana's and turtles. There are a lot of uneducated people buying reptiles and a big problem is that pet stores give out WRONG information and breeders don't nescesarily make sure that the buyer knows what is going to be required to care for the animal. The fact that most reptiles regardless of adult size start off pretty small doesnt' help either, people buy this cute little reptile only to find out they get 6ft + in size as adults. Education is the key. The shows and sales help, but how much of them is about education and how much is sell, sell, sell.
Nita Hamilton
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some very interesting points. i have mentioned this subject before about animal welfare groups going out of control.
In the UK reptile shows are pretty much a thing of the past due to the RSPCA nad a group called animal aid. Animals aids main objective is to stop All animals being kept as pets, even cats and dogs. However, to get public support they pick on a minority and hugely misunderstood greop of pets to start with; reptiles. Because of their biased and incorrect views and claims, the RSPCA forced all local councils to ban reptile shows. The main "evidence" was that all reptiles cause salmonella to be passed onto humans, this story started from a child that sadly died from salmonella after it had ingested the feces of a burmese python that was let loose in the house. surely thats more a case for child welfare, not animal rights. as tragic as that story is, what sort of parents would let a large mamal eating reptile loose in the same house as their own child? would they let a child roam free among dog feces as well?
AS for the amount of reptiles that die in store etc, it is a terrible thing, but if their is a market for reptiles and people can make money then it will always continue. But, in my opinion i would much rather have hobbyists breed reptiles than for them to be needlessly removed or farmed from the wild just to supply the pet trade. Unfortunatly, alot of newcomers to reptiles will be at a pet superstore, these superstores dont care if a 100 reptiles (or cats or dogs etc) die if they make profits. There are good reptile shops about, Reptilia breeds the majority of animals that it sells and will stand by them 100%.
Right now i have a small collection that i do intend to breed, this year i was hoping to breed my GTP, in a strange way i was almost relieved that i didnt. Just from 2 breeders that i know, over 100 baby chondros will be available, some will be sold overseas, but most will be sold in canada. NOw, if people are wanting to buy a chondro they will most likely end up at a respected breeder, and for me being my first breeding of chondros, id probably be down the list a fair bit!. So i may not sell one baby, but what to do? to be honest if i ended up keeping each and everyone of them i wouldnt bat an eye, but thats just me.

jack and coke, please.
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