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Unhappy ignorant people

about 4 months ago i joined the edmonton herp society, i thought it would be a great place to meet people intrested in the same things as me. god was i wrong throught the edmonton herp club i have met some of the most ignorant, stuck up people in my life. I dont want to be rude, im not pointing fingers, but if u guys really want to educate people on reptiles, make them widley accepted start with your stuck up way of thinking, you drove me away how many others? I'm sorry for having to say this but it does make me sick.
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Well since I have no clue at all who you are or if i've ever even met you I won't take personal offence to your post but as a part of the group you're disparaging here could you please perhaps be a little more specific than just saying more than essentially "You guys suck and I don't like you"

What specifically happened to turn you off?

Personally, I find most of the ERAS group to be very easy to get along with and many of the members are highly knowledgeable in the areas they've chosen to be in.
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If you wish anyone to take you seriously I would suggest a few things. Identify yourself for one. Explain the things that led up to your obvious frustration in a politically correct fashion or post in the "Board Of Inquiry" forum & express yourself as you wish thru private emails etc. (as are the rules). I personally know many members of the society that are not obviously the same foks you have met. I'm sure their society on a whole has lots of very fine members irreguardless of those you met & your issues with them. Its sad that a select few are probably responsible for your post. Be specific as to what the issues were & who exactly was involved, not just broad generalizations. Provide facts for people to think about not just the "they suck attitude". Mark
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Hey Concept,

As a member of ERAS who has been going to the meetings the last few months,I tend to disagree with you. You are calling people ignorant and stuck up and rude,yet you don't want to be considered rude? As a member and someone who just spent 2 days at the show answering questions and allowing people to hold my animals,I consider myself to be anything but rude and ignorant. Don't judge a group of people just because you may have dealt with someone who was having a Bad day. So why don't you come to the next meeting and let us all know who you are and what led you to believe that were are all Rude & Ignorant.

Dragons & Balls
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