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I have to agree on a lot of accounts, as for getting the herp communities involved, it is almost like pulling teeth, just try to get volunteers for a reptile show!! LOL

As for the living arrangements, look for an assumable mortgage that requires no or low down payment and no bank qualifying. I only pay $408 a month for my mortgage and since it is mine no one can tell me what i can own. Way back when I lived in apartments and had to find a place I just said I had a tank and they very seldom asked what was in the tank. My house by the way is small but if I were to sell it now I would be up 18K or so for paying less than I would have for rent somewhere else for the last 4 yrs.

So my final word. Don't waste your money renting, just buy something.
Nita Hamilton
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Very good post.

Good to see you chose to be honest on the collection before renting in that location.

Great to see you did your research and tried to explain your point to them in a professional manner.

Over all a great post and very informative.

Keep us posted on any new outcomes from this.


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Marisa, with all do respect I think you are the one who needs to relax and take a breather here, LOL, as I was just trying to have a civilized conversation. Fact is, you said it was not discriminative towards reptiles, I was trying to say that it was.

The issue is not dogs. I agree with his post, which obviously Gino you ignored me stating, I just do not agree with blindly thinking reptiles in certain hands cause no issues, and ignoring the issues that ARE in our hobby.
Sorry if you missed what I was trying to get to, but again I was just trying to imply how reptiles are infact discriminated upon, as animals which cause more harm / chaos are allowed, blah blah blah. No need to whip out the attitude stick on me, lol.
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Reptile people are too busy hiding and bitching, and few are actually willing to stand up.
I casn only speak for myself, but if I'm busy doing anything OTHER than cleaning cages, feeding, answering emails, ftp-ing web stuff, please, I'd like to hear about. This coupled with having a life, playing sports, sleeping, and occasionally getting hammered, I'd like to know when I'd be "hiding and bitching"?


Again, I only speak for myself.
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Once again the blame is in the wrong place... I wouldnt want to be a landlord responsible for telling my tenants that a big snake is loose, or any snake for that matter... Like ive said in other posts, there are far more plain IDIOTS in this hobby than responsible, smart owners... How does this company know you're responsible? and not just another dumbass thats lost reptiles on their property in the past. I would try to explain how you secure your reptiles, etc.... Or talk to your local MP (in ontario, anyways) about trying to work with the bi-laws on properly housing reptiles in order to prevent discrimination.
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Well, here's the update....

My current landlord is coming over on Wednesday to do an inspection, and to talk about the rent for our next lease. The market is in my favor right now - comparable houses in my area are going for about $150 less than what we're paying right now.

If I can prove to the landlord that there are no long-term ramifications of letting me keep the herps (ie, SMELL), he's going to let me keep them. If he agrees to lower the rent, we're staying. So, things look ok.... for now.
- Ken LePage
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