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Old 04-30-04, 02:01 PM   #16 (permalink)
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No there isn't. You cannot have chickens here because of smell. Most people don't like reptiles because of escapes. They are two simple housing issues.

Obviously other animals are just as bad. All the facts you people have pointed out about dogs are common knowledge, but thanks for the common sense refresher??? The issue is not dogs. I agree with his post, which obviously Gino you ignored me stating, I just do not agree with blindly thinking reptiles in certain hands cause no issues, and ignoring the issues that ARE in our hobby.

I feel real anger and our energy should also be mainly directed to those who create these issues within the hobby. Again just stating how I feel so you can relax Gino and take a breath.

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An open mind will take you a long way in life kids, Mark
P.S. I think we should make everything illegal because it will prevent idiots from doing stupid things, yeah LOL
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This thread is not about the idiots within this hobby, and like I said, if it was about facts and statistics, dogs would have been banned in cities a LONG time ago, and all reptiles would still be perfectly legal. It's not the idiots within the hobby that create discrimination against reptiles - it's ignorance that causes it. Plain and simple. Of course it can't be ignored when someone gives their boa constrictor free reign of the house, but these people are MUCH fewer and MUCH further in between than morons who let their yappy little dogs bark until the wee hours of the morning.
- Ken LePage
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Old 04-30-04, 02:40 PM   #19 (permalink)
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*pulls out hair*

I just talked to the Alberta SPCA, apparently they are not like Ontario at all....... the landlord can state which pets are allowed and which are not (and even ask for a fee to cover any damages a pet may cause?!?!?! holy crap!!!!!)

Sorry to get your hopes up...... Alberta sucks!!! I like it here in ontario where i can tell my landlord to shove it, my 15 snakes get to stay where they are!

Sorry again, i really thought it was it was a Canada wide thing..... maybe you can start the movement so it should be!

Good luck finding a place....... may i suggest omitting the fact you have reptiles? sounds like it's the only way in sometimes!

I have to go now.... I have a rampaging, piano playing, child eating, super venomous python that convinces teenagers to smoke on the loose...... thank god i took the death ray off him!

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Old 04-30-04, 02:50 PM   #20 (permalink)
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You should all check out what is going on in Norway. ALL herps are illegal to own. And if you get caught, the animals are killed. Some are killed so quickly that they aren't even properly identified. That, I think, is worth fighting for. No offense. I mean having a house to live in is important and all, but Norway's explaination for their law is because of a potential salmonella "invasion". Anyway. If you want to read more there is a post farther down in the general forum. I hope you have some good luck finding a place.

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.
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Old 04-30-04, 03:09 PM   #21 (permalink)
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all of the facts are true, and I am on your side, however, you may have received a more tolerable response had you been more professional in your first letter

if I were reading your letter, your first sentence would put me in a sour mood right away and would most likely affect how I read into the rest of your letter
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ken can i suggest you just come move to ontario
the laws are extreme in some areas but most are pretty lax
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Old 04-30-04, 03:18 PM   #23 (permalink)
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Yup, Justin's correct about the way things are done in Ontario. Obviously, the landlord can deny tenancy from the onset without giving a reason (or, rather, it's easy for them to make up a reason to satisfy the Landlord/Tenant Act). However, I have had this problem in the past and have always come out on top.
I have rented where the lease says "no pets." I, of course, move in with all my reptile pets. Rarely do things escalate from there but one time my landlords were made aware of my apartments' contents through an illegal entry. Basically, the Landlord/Tenant Act in Ontario goes like this:
The landlord cannot evict the tenant based on the fact that he/she has pets (despite what it says on the lease). However, the landlord can evict the tenant if the pets meet any one or all of the following criteria: 1) The pets pose a danger to the general public (large constrictors, venomous animals, vicious canines, etc), 2) The pets are causing allergic reactions to another person in the dwelling, and/or 3) The pets are causing a disturbance to other tenants and/or the landlord (barking dogs, meowing cats etc).
Obviously, for most reptiles, it is impossible to apply any of these conditions and everyone's safe in Ontario.
Perhaps Alberta can follow suit....
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Old 04-30-04, 05:10 PM   #24 (permalink)
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I live in a medium sized city about 40 minutes west of Toronto. The laws here state that, even if the landlords policy prohibits pets, that a person can not be evicted for owning them and keeping them in their residence. Even if the aminal is a breach of city bi-law, they can only make you get rid of it if there is a complaint from a neighbour... and only the prohibited animal(s). You should check into it as my current building policy states "Absolutely no pets", yet my building has numerous cats, birds and a rather large Doberman Pincer that the owners flaunt proudly down the hallway several times per day on their way for walks!!
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I've considered moving to Ontario, but the rents there are enough to make me gag. I like living in nice, cheap, Alberta. It's something to think about though.
- Ken LePage
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Old 05-01-04, 10:42 AM   #26 (permalink)
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I don't think it would really matter if you lived in Ontario or Alberta. The laws regarding reptiles as pets aren't going to relax and will, in all probability, become more restrictive.

We have no diplomatic organization that represents us. Just sending letters or making a call doesn't typically work, as they'll just write you off as a lone fanatic, an aberration. Lobbies are effective because they fund the campaigns of politicians.

What we need is an association of reptile owners with a budget for helping those slimy scumbags, er politicians , that would be of most benefit to our cause.
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well if somebody was willing to step up to start and organization I would bet they could get alot of support.
if there was a beggining of time. What was before it?
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Old 05-03-04, 04:25 PM   #28 (permalink)
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My 8 bedroom country home is $450 + utilities. I don't know what people consider cheap, but I think it's cheap. Then again maybe I think $450/month is cheap because I live in Ontario LOL.

But, Justin is right, a landlord here can't kick you out because you have reptiles.

I wish the best of luck to you Ken. I think it's a load of BS what they can get away with.

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Old 05-03-04, 05:50 PM   #29 (permalink)
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To all who compare dog and cat problems to reptiles, the reason dogs and cats are not banned is there are millions of people in this country that love them and will stop at no cost to protect their rights to keep them legal, and people in the reptile community keep thier mouths shut and hide them so they can keep them legal or not.
This is a fact!!
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Old 05-03-04, 06:44 PM   #30 (permalink)
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well if somebody was willing to step up to start and organization I would bet they could get alot of support.

No they wouldn't. It has been tried before and currrently with the Canadian Boid Genetics Database. It has failed before and I will likley close the database this summer due to lack of involvement. Reptile people are too busy hiding and bitching, and few are actually willing to stand up. Even many clubs and societies are not interested in Nation wide cooperation. The reason that discussion forums do so well is that reptile keepers for the most part are good for a lot of talk and little else.

Prove me wrong I dare you.

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