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That's quite the set up! It sure does seem there would be a whole lot less wasted food doing things that way and that feed basket is an ingenius creation as well.

I see that you've also eliminated the need for the cages to have individual water bottles (which really look like a pain in cases where many cages are used) by using some sort of gear that I can't figure out. Are those hoses pressurized or more passive? I'm usually anti-gadget but I know a good idea when I see one, what's going on there? Whatever it is I'm sure it's a lot less work than running to the tap over and over.

It really looks like your one step away from having a self sufficient rodent colony, that one step of course being a way to make the tubs clean themselves out. lol!
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Originally posted by MouseKilla

Do your rodents actually eat off the floor of their cage?
Yup. I have well over twice as many rodents as my rack can hold, and I haven't modified the bins to hold any hoppers, so half of them have to eat off the ground. None of the food has ever been wasted, although it certainly isn't the best way. Hoppers are the way to go.
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Linds: I use dishes for water and food with some of my rodent cages/bins. They fill the dishes of water with shavings, they fill the food with shavings, they kick out half the food onto the ground.

I have about 60 rat weanlings right now in 3 bins, and I use a large ashtray for water, it's quite heavy so they can't move it to easily, and by the time I go up stairs to refill it at night, it's FULL of shavings. So the way I fix the problem is water bottles, it's a must for me to do. I don't know how mice think, but I'm pretty sure they prefer it messy.

Edit: Those dishes Roy are awesome, they look similar to the hamster dishes I buy from the pet store, but the ones I buy are $3 each. Haha, I'm going to Dollaramma.


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Yeah I never use water dishes, all tubs are equipped with waterbottles, but all the overflow tubs do not have hoppers for food.
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I love those dishes and have been using them for a while as well. I also use the larger ones that are 2 for a dollar. They work great for water and worms. I also found some larger lower dishes at a dollar store that I use for salads for my dragons. Dollar stores are great.
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We use the dishes for both rodents and snakes, though now i'm making hoppers for all the rodent cages I can (the mice are in 10 gallon tanks).
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