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Talking Any1 know any good names?

Hey guys,
I was thinking about getting a couple of BCC's in a few months, was wondering if any1 has any interestingd names they could suggest for a matching pair. Dont want anything too stupid,lol. Or any good names for pets sites?
Thanks anyways
1.1 ball pythons, 1.1 anmel corns, 1.0. collard lizards, 1.1 pastle B.C.I's . 4 tropical fishes
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samson and delighla(sp?)
I got a bunch of snakes and a bunch of guns
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lord & lady

king & queen (hey you asked for PAIR names! lol)

aphrodite and cupid

zeus and hera

(i know I know greek theme)

and you could always look up herb names, Thats how I get alot of names. Or look up, indian, greek, italian, french, english, dutch, swiss, arabic. There are TONS of really intersting names, and it's always fun trying to pronounce them
The Mischief:
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Mischief~ Hamster
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oh boy,

I wish i had the suggestions i was given when i had this exact question! I ended up naming my bp pair Hansel & Gretyl (they are even half brother & sister!)

our other pair are Ava & Dolf (the boy coastal carpet is a *******, get it??? he he he)

the ones i remember are.......

Cleopatra & Markanthony
sonny & cher
Ozzie & Harriett
John & Yoko
Ricky & Lucy
Adam & Eve
Romeo & Juliet (many other shakespeare name pairs)
Fred & Wilma
Han & Leia
Herman & Lily (munsters)
Bonnie & Clyde
Buffy & Spike (or Angel)
Xander & Anya

hope that helps!

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I love naming my pets... some get nice names, some get corny ones!

The leos I have now are named Girl, Freckles, Boo and Candy. My snake's name is Bandula.

In the past I have given my pets these names: Basil, Zoe, Bo, Baby, Darwin, Daisy,Ursela, Andre, Eva, etc. Sorry there aren't any 'pair' names, but I hope these might get you goin'!
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I know some will consider me a killjoy here but... Why name snakes? They can't hear you when you say their name... they can't read it if it was written down... they haven't got the ability to associate an abstract label with a concept of "self" even if they could... Labels for use in distinguishing individual animals on feed charts or to denote relationships when forming breeding projects sure, but what's wrong with 1.0BCC#001 and 0.1BCC#001? Or if that's *too* clinical, why not just "The male boa" "The female boa"?
-Seamus Haley
"Genes, Like Leibnitz's monads, have no windows; the higher properties of life are emergent... And once assembled, organisms have no windows." - Edward Wilson, Sociobiology
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One suggestion make sure your positive of sex- lol We got a "male" boa about 7 years ago. "He" has had 3 litters of babies now "his" name is Ted. He is a she. A nine ft. girly named Ted.
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Originally posted by M_surinamensis
Why name snakes? but what's wrong with 1.0BCC#001 and 0.1BCC#001? Or if that's *too* clinical, why not just "The male boa" "The female boa"?
to some, that's like naming a human child "human male", wouldn't look too good on a birth certificate.

some think of our snakes as part of the family.... not just "things".

no matter how many i have, which right now is at 15, they are all pets, they are all different, and have different personalities. they deserve names.

ball pythons:

Amy - my first snake
Gwen - she's my mentally ******** & my favourite.
Jasmine - gwens sister & almost full stripped
Hansel & Gretyl - my het for axanthic pair
Calista - the big eater & great to show little kids
Spike - so named for his sharp tail!
Mr.Big - well, we thought he was big until........
Lucy - used to be "lucky" with previous owner, my 3000 gram girl!
"The new little girl ball" - not named cuz i just got her and haven't thought of a good one yet!

berm: Zeul - our princess

*goes to think of name for new one*
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Originally posted by M_surinamensis
I know some will consider me a killjoy here but... Why name snakes?
IMHO, it's an attachment thing. The above poster said it well, with we wouldn't name a human child "male 001". It is soooo impersonal. My snakes, and other reptiles all have names, or will have. They are my pets. not breeding projects, not just snakes, they are pets.

anyways, names here:

Bearded dragons: Silva ( snow male ), Meka ( Hawiian for eyes ), Kiyomi, and Lizzie.

Snakes: Karma ( normal corn ), Promise (BRB).
2 unnamed, my hoggie ( although b ! tch suits her well ) and my new guy ( BCI)

Leopard gecko's: Stubby, Stubbs, Kiara, Sahara, and 2 unnamed.

Larry the female Iguana
Brandy the dog.

snake food 1-16 ( rat babies )
Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with stupidity
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we've named all our snakes and some of our rodents
Neo-Slither (Snake fanatic mailing list) http://<br />

May you live in interesting times.
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rocky balBOA
BOA derek
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I also name all of mine and intend to keep naming them regardless of how many I get!! LOL.

My cornsnakes were Elmo and Grover (Elmo was a common and Grover was a Miami Phase) Naga was my first BP, she passed away though.

As for my current animals. Three that I purchased are Osiris, Isis, Demetae (Osiris is the egyptian Judge of the dead, Isis is the Godess of fertility and Osiris wife and sister, mine are unrelated though) Demetae just sounded good is actually the name of an old scotish tribe.
Ulysses is my adopted male bp, I got to name him if he was a girl it would have been Medusa picked by my DH.
Recoil and Whiplash my two newest adoptees seem to fit the names they sound good and well, Recoil does just that she is timid and Whiplash earns her name the way she strikes at her food!

Now I'm going to have to come up with a name for my new Malaysian Blood, maybe DH will get to use Medusa after all!!

PS.... If you haven't noticed I'm huge on the mythology names, snakes are very prominant in all mythology.
Nita Hamilton
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Originally posted by jason h
rocky balBOA
BOA derek
LOL!! How about BOA JACKSON!

Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians - Worldwide Listings <-- Highly recommended.
Nutrient Composition of Whole Vertebrate Prey

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recently got a new red tail boa and called him dave cute name x
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