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LOL, it's the opposite for me. I'm the wife and my husband won't touch any of my reptiles. I believe it's because he's afraid of them, his manliness won't allow him to admit it though. I am ok with it for the most part, (it would be nice to have someone hold critters while I'm cleaning). I have my own hobbies as he has his. In a way, it would suck if I didn't have something all to myself. He's ok with me having them, although I too have worked him up from a corn snake and leopard gecko.

We always talk about money being spent, so he knows about anything prior to my purchase. We also talk about the animals and their characteristics. Once he's educated, he is usually ok with it. For sure he wouldn't allow me to have any monster snakes, large monitors or anything hot. I do my best to respect his wishes as I like him to respect mine
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Yay Danni!!! My hubby won't let me have venomous cause they are too dangerous! He says having a loaded gun would be safer! Phfff. Oh well he always has been a reptile lover and does want a hognose. So I told him if he gets a 'poisonous' hognose I can get a pit viper LOL

I would just find a common ground with your gf. Maybe just don't have larger snakes until your kids are bigger. There are plenty of dwarf boas that are amazing snakes that you could have instead of a BCI thay she may be okay with! Just a thought but of course it's up to you.

In the words of a Ball python, "I won't eat it, but I'll squeeze it."
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I'm in a similar situation, only I'm a woman! I'm the one with all the freaky pets, but thankful my boyfriend is tolerable (he even bought a nice patternless gecko as a gift for me once!). He's ok with the geckos, but like your girlfriend, he is terrified of my snake, Bandula. Bandula is a 14 foot long Burmese python. My bf always has the chance to leave if he wants because he knows that asking me to choose would mean I'd have to show him the door. Educate you gf, many people lose fear when they gain knowledge... good luck!
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Originally posted by RMBolton

So, I am not going to tell you not to worry about it; it's unlikely but not impossible that the child's safety is at risk. Therein lies the fear and your girlfriend is justified.
You can take all the precautions you desire but accidents happen.
Just being a realist....
All risks with babies and snakes are 100% preventable. No snake can escape a properly-secured enclosure. If you look at the venomous forum you don't see threads "my viper escaped", etc., popping up everywhere like you do in the Ball Python forum. I know I have my cat living in the same room my snakes do, and I am 100% secure in that situation. When a baby is involved there is no room for error, it is quite simple... babies don't handle snakes, have access to them, and snakes are securely locked in their escape-proof homes. As long as those common-sense rules are followed, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. It is only as risky as the person responsible creates it to be.
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In that sense, Linds, everything's preventable.... right? "What if I had just stayed in the right lane, then I would never have hit that car...."
My point, that you quoted, was that accidents happen, and nothing is 100% fool-proof. We can outline hundreds of what-if scenarios that may not be likely, but may be possible in causing a snake to get loose, again, "despite our best efforts." Supports break and enclosures fall - snake may escape.... etc, etc.
You also touch on common-sense in your post, while I agree that this is all that is required to prevent an accident, with humans, this sense is rarely as common as you'd think (hope).
My point is simply that the one and only 100% way of ensuring a child is not put at risk is to remove the possible risk all together.... right?
This is extreme and is not necessarily my stance, I have serpents and I have kids in the house....
I would never be so arrogant to say that it could never happen, it certainly could but probably won't. The girl-friend likely doesn't want a child's life depending on "probably" when larger constrictors are involved.
But to each his/her own of course.
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Originally posted by Linds
It is only as risky as the person responsible creates it to be.
I think this says it all.....

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