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Originally posted by crimsonking
My only "theme" is to get them all! lol!
How immmmature !!!

I think I'm going the same way

I try to get species from different families in order to learn stuff on allmost everything.

At the moment we have at least one specimen of:
desert gecko
arboreal geckos

soon to come... dragons and how knows ?

Cornsnakes / JCP / Sinaloan Milk / BRB / Veiled / ATB / WLP / Crested Geckos / Uroplatus Henkeli / Vietnamese Cave gecko / Chinese Cave gecko *What's Available*
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I think i am gonna concentrate on madagascar for a while, but there are so many things that i want, who knows what i'll get next. I suppose it depends on what deals pop-up when i have the money.

1.1 Map Turtles, 1.0 Florida Red Belly Turtle, 0.0.1 Musk Turtle, 1.1 Leopard Geckos, 1.1 Bearded Dragons, 1.0 BCI, 1.0 Airedale Terrier
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My only theme is: "Animals I am pasionate about".

That way, we both win.
Cranwill's Captive Bred Snakes
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Not a theme as much as a limitation - I can only do a good job of a limited number of things - so 1) Honduran milksnakes - any and all morphs and 2) creamsicle cornsnakes (would like to go with a pure corn variety but I love the orange ones!) working for motley and striped patterns. We do have a few other species just for the fun of it, but won't be getting more of any of those (well maybe the variable kings - they are just such great snakes!).

mary v.
Mary VanderKop
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I'm all about the boas, if it was ever possible I'd like to own every locale and morph of boa there is out there.

Nick -The Dreamer
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Our themes:

Herpetofauna of Ontario, and to a lesser extent, other Canadian species

Reptiles which are readily handleable by members of the public, including children

Particular species of conservation concern

Jeff Hathaway
Sciensational Sssnakes!!
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I forgot to mention the Eastern Indigos as well. They are our effort at captive breeding an endangered North American species. Mark
Mark's GONE SNAKEE! working with select Colubrids (Corns, GB Kings, EIs) and Woma Pythons
All stock parasite free and established on F/T prey. No PMs please email at
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