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Old 04-24-04, 08:24 PM   #16 (permalink)
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10, and counting... (8 of which are animals)
Even shiny fruit may be rotten at the core.
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I only got one...... a poison dart frog tattoo.
Great Northern Exotics
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I've got 1 tattoo right now. its a maple leaf with the libra symbol in front of it More to come tho..
1.0 Brazilian Rainbow Boa, 1.0 Mexican Black King Snake

A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Hamlet would be nice; To be, turn to page 73.
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2 that merge into one so far. Not of Herps but I traded herps for them. looks like this. Mark
<img src=""width="600">
Mark's GONE SNAKEE! working with select Colubrids (Corns, GB Kings, EIs) and Woma Pythons
All stock parasite free and established on F/T prey. No PMs please email at
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i have 2
hubby has 7
they are addicting
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This one makes 28

Specializing in Large Pythons
Home of the "GIANTS"
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Join Date: Dec-2002
Location: oshawa, ontario (The Shwa)
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i have 80% of my left arm done (irish theme) just have to add flames and im done then the other arm, wife has 90% of both arms done (roses and vines)and few on chest and neck and back.
Extreme Herps&Habitats
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Old 04-25-04, 10:28 AM   #23 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug-2003
Location: England
Age: 34
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wow, lots of inkwork on this site, i have three. My fave is a tribal sleeve from my knee all the way up to my hip.
Hope everyone is well cheers Will
Stuff everything I'll always have my dog :medsly:
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Old 04-26-04, 11:12 AM   #24 (permalink)
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I have 4, got my first when I was 15 and just finished my latest one on the small of my back.
Talkie Talkie......No More Talkie!

Of course I'm out of my mind....Its dark and scary in there!
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: Winnipeg Mb
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I just got my third one on my 17 birthday. 2 non herps and one was a retic bite on my chest and it was my first really big snake bite and i had the teeth inked so i will remember.
1.3 african rock pythons 2.7 burmese python 1.2 albino burmese pythons 1.1 green burms 1.1 granite burms 1.1 normal reticulating python 0.1 yellow anaconda 1.1 costal capret pythons 4.9 nile monitor 1.1 croc monitors 4.6 dwarf caimans 1.3 amarican aligator plus some others
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Old 04-26-04, 04:25 PM   #26 (permalink)
Join Date: Dec-2002
Posts: 719
Right arm:
Pink Panther
Magic Mushrooms
Left Arm:
Bird of Paradise
2 bugs

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Join Date: Jul-2003
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canuckland
Age: 39
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I have 6:

-Oriental Dragon on my upper left arm
-Rose on my upper right arm
-Tribal art around my navel
-Tribal barbwire around my left ankle
-A blue dragon on my outer, lower left calf
-A Japanese character meaning 'Dragon' underneath the blue dragon

As soon as I get more money, I will be as covered as Yve, or more! *L*
Erin Keller :eb:
Snakes: 2.1 Corns, 1.1 Kings, 1.0 Everglades Rat, 1.1 Spotted Pythons, 1.2 Children's Pythons, 1.2 BCIs Lizards: 0.2 Leopard Geckos, 1.3 Bibron Geckos Inverts: 2.1 Tarantulas, 0.1 Emporer Scorpion Mammals: 0.2 Kittens
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Old 04-26-04, 10:02 PM   #28 (permalink)
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Location: Ontario
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oooohhhh.....ya wanna compete on that one Erin! We'll be covered entirely in no time!
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Originally posted by Yve
oooohhhh.....ya wanna compete on that one Erin! We'll be covered entirely in no time!
A year or two Max!!!
Jon Dona

Fox has one of those new reality shows at eight, 'Fast animals, slow children
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Join Date: Nov-2003
Location: Canada
Age: 33
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I really wanna get one. Ive picked out half of it. A stone looking maple leaf....I want a snake wrapped around the leaf though...but I must first pick the snake (gaboon most likely)....then find a person who can actually make it realistic. Oh the annoyance.
"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."
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