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how can I tell if eyecaps are retained?

Here's the scoop:

My bull snake shed in 2 major pieces, but neither contains the eyecaps. One piece contains the scales across the head between the eyes, but no eyecaps. There were a couple of tiny scraps, but nothing I could find among the aspen looked like an eyecap to me.

Is there any way to know for sure if they were retained or shed? His eyes seem clear to me, but like I say, I cant find the eyecaps anywhere.

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Hmm, I may be wrong but if the snakes skin is that ripped up its humidity was probably too low, hence shed problems like retained eye caps could happen, again I keep Boids so I may be completely wrong, but if your very worried I would soak him/her in warm water for a while once a day, if the caps are retained that would enable him too rub them off, if they are not then there is no harm done. Good luck,
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If you think that the snake has retained eye caps soak it more frequently. Sometimes a piece of scotch tape can be used to carefully remove very careful. Some times you can see edges of unshed skin around the eye or the eye may look slightly dull.
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Less stressful then sticking tape to your snakes face is to place it inside a small tight rubbermaid wraped up in a damp warm towel.
The snake will be in a humide environment and have something smooth to rub on to remove any retained skin. Place the snake in the rubbermaid and put it all back in the tank and leave it over night. If the snake gets out of the rubbermaid it will be getting out into its own cage.
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A good way of keeping shed problems from happening is once your snake goes blue, put a humid hide on the warm side of its cage. That always keeps my snakes nice and moist while shedding and I've never had a problem with retained eye caps.
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