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need 2 catch wild copperhead in vacant house

we r just buying this house and the realtor goes in b4 us (1 hour) and theres a 4 foot copperhead in the kitchen. The house has been empty 4 a year and unheated.It just hit 70 degrees here (in orange county N.Y.) i looked 4 2 hours and can't find it HELP???

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Well, I would recommend that if you are not experienced dealing with venemous snakes that you hire someone to find the animal for you. In a house that is empty, it should make the job a little easier for a trained professional. That being said, snakes, like many animals, seek out a secure hiding spot. Dark spaces such as cupboards, closets, underneath stairs, etc. are likely locations to find him. However, finding him is only half that battle as catching and securing the snake safely is a whole other challenge. That's why I recommend hiring someone in the business of removing unwelcome wildlife from the home. See if you can find a company that also practices humane catch and release policies so the snake is not harmed.

Best of luck

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I totally agree with Silent truth, and, Id GO With them to that house to make sure the job gets done.

After that, if they cant find it, Id get a pet mongoose and some cats when I moved in

Good luck!

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First thing is, you are going on the identification of the realtor. Most Copperheads don't get much over 3'. So there is his first likely misidentification. The species is likely another. While Copperheads are found in Orange County, and it is possible, I am skeptical of most "Copperhead" sightings by laymans since 90% are misidentified harmless species.

That being said, I would call an experienced snake removal expert. Perhaps has someone up there that she knows.
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