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Help Me With Feeding.....pls

hello everyone my ball refuses to eat i hav made no changes is been like 5 months since he keep somthing down ....last 3 feeds it regeritated....i feed him rats live.....used to feed him rats that were alot bigger than the ones now still wont eat the small ones....i think hes healthy ...but its gettin thin.....whAT can i do all advise welcome......i need it....hes NEVER had a regluar eating that normal....thanks
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how old is it because when i had mine for a while it would eat like a horse and then when it was starting to shed it would stop eating till it was done sheading
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Mysterious said it's been 5 months w/ 3 regurges.
If he's losing weight, I'd personally bring him to a good herp vet, good luck and keep us posted.
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Do you know if it was wild caught?
Jon Dona

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ok, 3 regurges......

put it in a hospital style tank. Hides, paper towel/news paper substrate, and water bowel.

Put it in there WITH PROPER TEMPS 90-95 hot side, 80-85 cool side.


Put a towel over the cage for this time and ONLY get in there to change the water.

when you attempt to feed, try a SMALL F/T rat

KEEP IT LIKE THIS for atleast 4-5 wks with NO regurges.

Or, take it to a good vet ASAP

if you can't find one try.
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As stated above if a snake regurges DO NOT try to feed it again for at least 2 weeks as it will probably just regurge over & over It needs a chance to chill & recouperate. If it was orginally Wild Caught there is the possibilty of internal parasites & they could cause the puking. A fecal exam by a qualified vet can determine this & help. Get it off the live Rats too BAD IDEA Frozen thawed is always best & if one absolutely has to feed live I'd go with mice as they will do a lot less damage to the snake than Rats. A qualified Vet trip is probably in order & S. Moons post should be considered too follow. Mark
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