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Old 09-17-02, 02:45 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Undertank heaters - which one

Which one is better? Zoo-Med, or T-Rex Cobra undertank heaters?

I don't want to fry my ball.

For my rosy, I currently have a Flukers, I like it a lot, but I can't drive out to butt freaking Oceanside just to get it!

Ok, I am going to do the flexwatt later, when i have the resources, and time!! *flustered*
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either one is a good choice! just make sure you have it hooked up to a dimmer so you can control the heat the cobras looks like heat tape where the zoomeds look like a heating pad, so its really what choice you prefer is offline  
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Hagen Heat Wave or Cobra Heat mat... those are my two of choice. I have a couple Zoo-Med UTH's and IMO they kinda stink. They are stiff, get tooooooooo hot, they dont even stick on evenly hence you dont get an even distribution of heat, they are also not very durable.........
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Ya, save the flexwatt for heating a large enclosure or multiple enclosures like a rack. A store bought UTH is more expensive than using Flexwatt (or other heat tape) but is really simple for a single enclosure. They need to be contolled just like you would control heat tape.

Good Luck
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The cobra ones are cheaper than the zoo-med anyway.

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I have a Zoo Med for my Baby Boa, and It works great. But hey, if its cheap and it works better, HECK YA you should get cobra!! LOL! My mom and I though it was specifically for cobras!! LOL, we didnt know that was the brand name!! we are dorks! But hey, it runs in the family!
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I Like the cobra heat mats myself they work just like the Flexwatt using the same tech. You should buy some aluminum tape to mount it. another good feature imho that its not permanent and can be used again if you chose on another enclosure.
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