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Old 04-13-04, 09:25 PM   #1 (permalink)
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what is with this

obsession we have for reptiles. Some people like them, others hate them and we love them. I just cannot get enough of animals in general. All I want to do is have pets. Most reptiles are more to look at then to play with, then why the obsession. I want more and more. I don't even care how much it costs me, well i mean that some animals just cost alot of money regardless if you get a good deal or not. I want to buy fish, so I'm looking into a 75 gallon tank. I want a bird, it has to be a parrot. My corn snake was not big enough, I had to get a boa. My cousen gave me an old terrium, now its a vivarium. I am the only one in my family that likes pets this way, where does this come from? I fear that oneday I will realize that I have too many pets and that I'll have to give them away, or that I'm spending all my money on a phase that I'm going through. Its just that my girlfriend does not feel the same way as I do at all. My parents critisize pet owners for being ignorant, especially dog owners. I bought a leo for my sis, but she did not take proper care of it and now I have a new gecko. Can anyone make sense of this, with all the pet experiance out there someone must know feeling.
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Sounds like OCD to me.
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Same thing dude. Nuff said. Reptiles are addictive. Maybe its because all the people on here post such incredible animals all the time and they make me soooo jealous. Gotta do what makes you happy in this life because its way too short. Just make sure you can give the animals the best life possible at all times and if you cant you know its time to stop and take a step back.
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whats OCD?
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An acronym for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder......
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OCD= Obsessive compulsive disorder.

*goes to make sure all wall hangings are level*

*goes to make sure all wall hangings are level again*
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LoL, being the 3rd one to post the same reply is the direct result of leaving a browser idle. :P

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:P time to form RA (reptiles anon.) lol I'm the same way, I want this, I want that, next thing is this, now that, gonna build a rack for this, now gotta build a custom for that, this cage is to small time for another custom, next thing you know your building incubators, and baby racks.
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i want another snake..........going to straighten my sock drawer now. pictures are straight
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